Time to get an iPhone using T-Mobile

I just saw a demo of a iPhone that has been unlocked and running on a T-Mobile Sim card. Being I have T-Mobile as my mobile carrier maybe it is time to head down to the Apple store and pick up an iPhone.

This is just awesome news. What a way to continue to show my displeasure at AT&T Engadget

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2 thoughts on “Time to get an iPhone using T-Mobile

  1. i know that the iphone can be unlocked for t mobile but it’s to my knowledge it’s not necessarily worth it because the iphone has monthly updates and you have to re unlock your phone each update it has. so i fyou want to spend the money for that i guess it’s worth it.

  2. Were you able to use your t-mobile account with the IPHONE? If so, what exactly did you do in order to acomplish this?

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