GNC-2007-08-24 #296

Vacation has went Terrific very productive, late start on the show tonight. Big thanks to all of the shows sponsors the support has been terrific.

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Show Notes:
Connect to WiFi in London get Arrested
FCC Sets 700Mhz Auction Date
SoundExchange Drops DRM Requirement
Firefox Ad-Blocker
FCC wants Cable TV via Ala Carte review
Next Gen iPod running OS-X?
13 Billion P2P Damage?
NASA Photo, Movie and Graphics Archive
YouTube Fans Not Happy with Video Ads
iPhone Hardware Unlock
Huge Gaping Hole in Universe
Attacks on Windows Machines with ServerProtect
Taxi Drivers to Strike over GPS
DTV Coming!
Paypal Site gets a face lift
Univ Tennessee Students Fighting RIAA
Saturn Electric Rings Weird
Fly 1st Class at Coach Prices
Moon Image
School Uniform with Embed GPS
Voyager at 30

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