Mob Takes over Digg in a BIG Way!

The Digg crowd is beyond pissed off that the two articles that had been dug up to 15,000 times each had been removed by the Digg team. Well tonight in a first of a kind incident there are literally 100’s or articles on the subject that are being dug into the 1000’s of Digits.

The Lynch mob is not at all happy and this is what is on the front page and what continues for multiples of pages in. This was spawned by takedowns of material in an article I referred to earlier today

I have seen nothing like this before andone thing for sure this is going to impact Digg in a BIG way.


One thing for sure when a Net Based Lynch Mob is out of control this is what results. Bloggers are starting to pick up on the story as well

One thought on “Mob Takes over Digg in a BIG Way!

  1. Digg has become a joke. Users are leaving in droves. I’ve become disillusioned with it because the same users get the most diggs, probably because their friends give them props. Noobs are discriminated against, no matter how good the reply, the posts usually get a -.

    So long Digg, I’m not returning.

    Oh, the site is down. Haha.

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