MovableType Tags Feature has no External Editor Support!

If you look at the bottom of this post you will see at section on the entry that says Tags: yet there are no entries in the Tags section. You may scratch your head and ask why. Well it is quite simple I am writing this post with an external editor and although the application has the ability to add its own tags listing it does not support MovableTypes “Tag” feature.

If I were posting this entry via the web based interface I would simply enter this articles tag entries in the form and when I would save the posting the tag data would be written to a database entry that would collect and organize all tags.

I am beyond shocked that no plugin has been written to support this new feature with any of the external editors like BlogJet, Ecto or Qumana. What is really concerning is that the feature has been out for a long time and yet no external editing support for the feature.

So here is the deal I would be willing to pay a bounty of $100.00 for a programmer that will write a plugin that will do the following. When entries are submitted from a external editor the plugin would detect a set of Tags placed in the main body of a post

Example: <tags>MovableType, Blog, Feature, Plugin</tags>

Once the plugin saw this marker it would extract and strip the Tags from the posting and place the entries in the MovableType Tags section. This would allow those of us using external editors to continue to utilize the feature. First person to put together a working plugin gets a $100.00 from me.

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