Where the heck did that Web Traffic come from?

StumbleToday I logged into my Web Statistics service and was pretty shocked to see that the site was being visited at the rate of about 20,000 hits a hour. I thought to myself I must have had a article hit the front page of Digg or Slashdot.

When I looked at the referral log I was blown away to see the traffic was coming from Stumbleupon.com the article that they were linking to was one I had written about the RIAA a few days ago up to this point that site had drove maybe a 100 hits a day into the website.

This site has survived both a slashdot and a heavy digg day, but neither of those sites have EVER drove that much traffic to my site in a single day, even though we have had articles get high Digg counts. This tells me that the Stumbleupon.com community is getting pretty significant.

Thanks for the traffic, and I will be checking out your service a lot more closer. Any site that drives 6 digit page views to my site in a single day gets my undivided attention. [Stumbleupon.com]

Note: To bad Digg and Slashdot don’t have that kind of juice!