Liquid water on Mars?

NASA announced this afternoon that they have photographs suggesting liquid water on Mars. This comes a day after they announced plans for a Moon base to be built as a step towards going to Mars. {link to NASA article]

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One thought on “Liquid water on Mars?

  1. This is very exciting news, however, I don’t think we should jump to conclusions just yet. Isn’t it possible that the new debris is some other semi-transparent material? It could possibly be the result of one of these meteorites that have impacted the planet since that area was last photographed. It angers me so much that we did not continue to push and colonize the moon and explore other planets sooner. We reached the moon and became content. Hopefully we’ve learned our lesson. I really wish we could get better cameras to orbit these planets. We should have the ability to take higher resolution pictures and ones with color. Can anyone explain why color cameras are frowned upon? I would love to see an actual color image rather than a computer rendering of a black and white one.

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