Have a Real Life Spyware Story for you!

Let me run this scenario by you. You subscribe to an influential newsletter that cost nearly a $1000.00 a year for the subscription. The Newsletter gets delivered digitally. Sounds reasonable so far doesn’t it? Well let’s assume that you open your newsreader today to find out that the person who you get that newsletter from has also distributed Spyware to detect if you make a digital copy or share it with someone.

Would you be inclined to renew that newsletter regardless of value? That is the question I am sure a lot of people are asking themselves today as this scenario has played itself out. Apparently a Wall Street Analysis who has been distributing the spyware with his newsletters is not real happy that a firm shared the contents with colleagues and has sued the firm based upon evidence he collected from the spyware application.

I wonder if their will be a counter suit surrounding the spyware installation. The company being sued manages mutual funds. Can you imagine spyware being installed on traders and analyst computers? It’s hard to imagine what else could have been collected. I would not be surprised if the SEC got involved with this [Boston Herald]

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