Hijacking a Macbook !

Well I remember a reader messaging me saying no one will ever be able to hack a Mac as it is not possible, well sorry I sent that person a Instant Message a few minutes ago, and said sorry a Macbook has been hacked in under 60 seconds. A demonstration at a hacking conference should make all Mac users understand that humans write code, and humans make mistakes, and those mistakes mean exploits are possible, you may be surprised to learn your Macbook may be owned right now!

Yes I said Owned, watching what you type and calling home to mama with the screen and text captures.

One thing sadly that Windows PC users are aware of is this; “expect your machine to be hacked”, thus Windows based PC users may be better equipped with virus and firewall protection to fend of a exploit attack than Mac users are for one simple fact.

That 99% of the community thinks that there computers can never be penetrated thus the majority of Max users have no virus or firewall protection. Well hate to say it but welcome to the real world. [Washington Post]

Almost forgot the most important thing, [Apple Patches 26 Security Flaws]

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3 thoughts on “Hijacking a Macbook !

  1. I just read over at digg how the people doing the demonstration had to use a third-party wireless card instead of the original Apple hardware to take control of the Mac. The lesson here is to not let hackers install their third-party hardware into your Mac.

  2. Todd
    According to this storyhttp://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory?id=2266507 on abc the demonstration on the macbook does not use the built in airport wireless card
    “Maynor said the MacBook used in the demonstration was not using the wireless gear that shipped with the computer.”

    They used a third party card. This doesn’t mean that an airport equipped mac wouldn’t be vulnerable in some way. It just shows that when these stories are published, we need to pause and wait for more details. So far all the Mac vulnerability stories have been about a lot of smoke but no fire.

  3. Anyone who thinks that macs are impervious to hacks is a fool. However having said that any machine that someone has physical access to can ultimately be hacked. Also the same kind of thing can be done to windows machines with Atheros (they actually did the mac wireless driver) developed device drivers.

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