How much of your life is on digital Media?

About 16 years ago I had a house burglary, the story in itself has been funny to tell all of these years due to the circumstances which involved a bowl of change, a gun battle with the police, and the suspect.

I always considered how bad it could have been as the criminal was armed with a long criminal record when he entered my apartment and the room I was sleeping in. Besides being mad at the time I considered myself pretty lucky. But imagine today if you home is burglarized, and the thieves walked out the door with your computer, pda, mobile phone, and assortment of other gear. Pretty scary isn’t it! Well a blogger in San Francisco had that happen, and is now quite distraught over the loss of his digital life. While not hurt the emotional scares will take a while to heel. Not to mention the financial setback.

This is one of the reasons copies of my digital life are in a safe deposit box in my local bank. Where do you store backups of your data, to prevent loss from fires, companies closings, hard drive malfunctions, accidental deletion just to name a few. [Donovan Watts]

The blogger has setup a paypal account to help him get back in action donations are welcome.

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