GNC-2006-04-14 #163

Lot’s of content tonight I want to wish everyone a happy easter. I talk a little about the spring power vision network and the test phone they sent me.

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Tech Podcast / U3 Developer Contest

Listener Links:
Insane Hosting and Pitfalls
Fake TV Widespread

Show Notes:
Code revealed
Search Engine Crawler
Heart Restarted
Zixxo Coupons Galore
Amazing Wall
Disease Detection
Video iPod
Microsoft Patch Backlash
Slow Windows Computer?
WordPress Funding
WordPress Funder
AOL e-mail Blocking?
Sea Launch
Sprint Kid Tracking
Best Buy Pirating?
Firefox Update!
Secure your Laptop!
WhyCry Baby detector
GoDaddy IPO?
Whats you Blog Worth?
Everyone Needs One
Paperclip for a House?
Guide to Window on a Mac

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