Why are you now just waking up?

I have been on the Fair Use bandwagon for a long time, I have also been warning all of you for four years about the on going push by the MPAA & RIAA to take away your Fair Use rights, so I had to laugh when I read a article today from another technology writer that seems to have just woken up and realized their is a real threat out there. Welcome to the party my friend, and you better do more than threaten a boycott you better put your money where your mouth is and support the EFF and other organizations who are positioned to take on this battle.

I have not went through the authors archives, but he seems shocked by some of the language he is seeing being proposed that will remove your fair use rights through equipment attrition, well have you heard about the Analog Hole bill and the rest of the very damning legislation that is on the move. You may need to call a paramedic because what you have discovered is only the tip of the iceberg. [writersblocklive.com]