The MiniScoblizer is crushed by the Macbook Price!

I have to admit myself, $2000.00 bucks for a laptop! I have a top of the line HP with every imaginable feature and running on a Hyper Thread Pentium 4, 3.2ghz with a 17 inch ultra bright screen, this thing is a screamer. To top it off it’s a media center edition with a desktop docking station it was $400.00 cheaper than the lowest priced MacBook.

I have a Mac Mini here at the house it site on my desk next to my PC and guess what, these days a computer is a computer is a computer. They all do the same thing, I just don’t understand why Apple charges such a premium on their computers. Devoted Mac fans will obviously pay any price not to use a Windows machine, but Apple could garner a much more larger segment of the market if they did not over price their products.

As tempted as I am to go out any buy one of these new MacBooks the price is just to darn high! []

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