Hey I want a Stock Trading program for Christmas!

In my 22 years having mutual funds, regular and Roth IRAs I have only once or twice ventured into actually buying some regular stock. My personal investments are managed by someone that, I hope knows what he or she is doing. But with all the scandals and insider trading going on these days is it time to turn over portfolio management to your computer. I am sure if some company came out with a program that is the caliber of the referenced article that they would sell like hot cakes.

Honestly though even though stock trading is better left to those that know what the heck they are doing it sure is intriguing to think I could throw some money in an account set some preset limits and let the program do it’s thing. But considering the fact that you probably need a LARGE chunk of change to do this, it is likely that this kind of automated day trading is some time off for the individual investor. I am sure someone will be trying to sell me something now, but believe me if I had enough money to play in the stock market I would not be working like a dog building two companies at once. [Wired]

But I do have my eyes on a couple of the high risk Penny Stocks if anyone can point me in the right direction I would likely want to buy some penny stock in a couple of companies that have caught my eye.

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