GNC-2005-09-20 #101

This is a quick 45 minute show to get us back in the traditional time frame and show length. Something happened on Sunday and not everyone got their newsletters as the program we used had something funny occur. Needless to say we hope these get out tonight ok.

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Listener E-mail Links
New Microphone
Finnish Payphones to be removed!
ODEO and NewsGator
1940 Bendix Radio Podcatcher

Show Links:
Global Warming
Microsoft employee exits?
Oregon emissions tracker!
Blueray vs HD DVD
Windows Vista Build 5219 Review
New York Time Gaggle
Ask Jason?
NASA Lunar Trip only 1 week?
UK Jamster!
Dell EV-DO
Sprint Streaming Audio!
VOIP Hacking!
Skype Acquisition Interview
Mac User Warning!
Webby Awards Pay?
Firefox has a bug!
Con’s and Criminals sending you e-mail!
Google Event Partners must keep quiet?
Getting more RSS Subscribers!
P2P getting in bed with Devil?
Hacking RSS and Atom!

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