Skype and eBay does not make sense!

I have been reading about Skype being in talks with eBay and quite honestly I don’t see how online auctions have anything to do with VOIP. The paypal acquisition I can understand it makes sense but them buying Skype is like Microsoft buying an Car Company. It just doesn’t make sense to me. [MSN Money]

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3 thoughts on “Skype and eBay does not make sense!

  1. Ebay owns so if Paypal buy’s Skype then Ebay owns Skype also.

    The only change we will see is spam telling us we need to update are skpe information.

    I get with Paypal then when ebay brought paypal I started getting ebay spam about my accunt. So I am sure skype is next.

    If you want real voip get Vonage.

  2. EBay, based in San Jose, Calif., said that with the acquisition of Skype, buyers over its e-commerce platform can more quickly and easily communicate with sellers, get the information they need, and close deals. Similarly, sellers get closer to their customers.

    Thus, “Skype can increase the velocity of trade on eBay, especially in categories that require more involved communications such as used cars, business and industrial equipment, and high-end collectibles,” EBay said in a statement.

    EBay also sees the deal strengthening its PayPal payment-processing service.

    For example, a PayPal wallet associated with each Skype account would enable users to more easily pay for Skype’s fee-based services. This adds to PayPal’s accounts and increases payment volume, EBay said.

  3. what about LIVE voice bidding? just like you were in an auction house. makes sense to me.
    only one question> what about screamers? (big problem on xbox live)
    great podcsast Todd!

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