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I have always been terrible when it come to organizing cool things I find on the net that I know I want to look at in more detail but may not have the time. Seems my Favorites folders are hopelessly out of control. Thanks to Scoble for the reference to a review of OnFolio and after using the program for a couple of hours I feel I may have found a way to organize cool things I have found on the net that works for me. [Onfolio]

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4 thoughts on “Onfolio “A new way to organize Content”

  1. Look at iNetAdviser http://www.offliner.com – an IE based multi-window browser with integrated bookmark management that personalizes surfing based on your browsing history and existing bookmarks. It includes features for ads and popup blocking and clearing any trace of web surfing web page and more. The program allows you to specially mark previously visited links in a page. After hovering the mouse over a link iNetAdviser displays a small snapshot of the page, as well as comments (if any) and the last view date and more. Also you can always tell what pages of a given site you already visited and view all the related comments in a single window.

    The powerful bookmarks manager offers advanced management features, personal page ratings, comments, grouped favorites and more. iNetAdviser is designed to work with image archive, wich is organized by the program using different sources (Internet, Hard Drive, CDs). Program allows you to gather graphic files (digital photos, images, etc) from the pages you visit. And you can gather images from the visited pages both in manual and in auto-mode. Also iNetAdviser is capable to download pictures from Internet without visiting sites using web site’s addresses, image’s URL masks or powers of several search engines simultaneously (so-called meta-search). Besides program allows viewing images stored on your Hard Drive, CDs, etc.

    More detailed information you can see at http://www.offliner.com/forpress/ina.zip

  2. Have you used Opera web browser?

    1) I love the tabbed browsing, and mouse gestures.
    2) awesome bookmark features. Allows you to search your bookmarks title, url, description, etc as it matches.

    I have several bookmarks that have “daily” in their description, so i just search for that. But what if i also want a “daily” bookmark to be a “news” bookmark? Instead of having a “Daily” and “News” folder, i just throw the keywords in the description and seach.


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