Microsoft Sued Over Security Flaws

Marcy Levitas Hamilton, a media corporation CEO, has filed suit and is seeking to class action status for her complaint against Microsoft. Hamilton says that the software giant is responsible for a cracker’s being able to steal her Social Security number’s using a flaw in Microsoft’s software.

This is a new type of complaint: holding Microsoft legally responsible for the security of its applications and operating systems because the software maker’s disclaimers against responsibility for security flaws are an unfair business practice under the laws of California since consumers have few options other than using Microsoft products.

Dave’s Opinion
This is an interesting legal argument: should software makers be held to a standard of liability similar to the standards of other major industries.

Microsoft says that Hamilton’s law suit is misdirected because the theft is the work of vandals. But I think Microsoft is missing the point — it manages the only building in town and left the door open. Shouldn’t Microsoft, as the only landlord in town, be responsible to lock the door against the vandals?

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One thought on “Microsoft Sued Over Security Flaws

  1. well, microsoft is not the only one that offers an OS, or software for that matter. however, microsoft seems to claim with the launch of every OS that this new OS is better and more secure than it’s previous version, and though they don’t outright say it, their claims may sound to the “average user” that the software is secure enough to save such personal information in.

    of course, people can get in and steal your information. of course, if you’re connected to the Internet, a firewall is not a luxury but a necessity. but I think a lot of “average users” still don’t realise this.

    when you’re offering such mass-market products as microsoft does, you should ensure your products are secure enough. apple seems to be able to do it, and they’re still the most serious competitor in consumer computers.

    so yeah, I think microsoft should be responsible for delivering a secure product. they seriously have too many security bugs in their so-called stable software. they either need to profile themselves as “that unsecure software company” or ensure a higher quality.

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