Adam Curry’s $10,000 Admission

Adam Curry admitted a few days ago to paying $10,000 dollars to get his website placed into the default aggreator list in Radio Userland. I have mixed feelings about this. ;(

I will tell you this Geek News Central has been lucky, the site has been included in several stand alone aggreators default load list. We got there for free. So I am hoping that it is because of the quality of our content. I have paid for some advertisements on several sites but the return was not as expected and we will be careful where we advertise in the future. But our best promoters have been those of you spreading the word. Thanks for the vote of confidence as our reader base has continued to grow each week. But there is no way I am going to shell out 10k for a placement. We will keep earning our placement by working hard. Most of us that have weblogs are regular Joe’s with regular Jobs with families to feed and kids to put thru college. I don’t have an extra 10K to buy my way to the top. [Adam Curry’s Admission]

PS I am removing his blog from my Radio Userland settings as a mild form of protest :)

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5 thoughts on “Adam Curry’s $10,000 Admission

  1. What a asshole that guy is. He is saying I have money, I have money, I am no better than corporate america, I have money and you don’t so people should listen to me instead of you. What a prick!

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