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GNC-2009-11-13 #527 Lets have a Mini Contest!

Posted by geeknews at 1:41 AM on November 13, 2009

Ok Mini contest someplace in the show, gonna make you do a little scavenger hunt hope you participate. Big thanks to Jeffrey and Sam who split the prize on suggestions for the Video portion of the show. While the implementation did not go perfect tonight we will get it dialed in over the coming weeks. Huge number of ideas all of them good, just need a banker as a friend to implement them all. Your show host needed sleep and a Red Bull neither which he has had much this week so have fun with Toddisms.

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Listener Links:
Bread Breaks Hadron Collider?
Mini Asteroid Near Miss.
Should we save Journalism?

Show Notes:
Flash puts us all in Danger!
Boxee Box on the Way!
Why is Tom Tom GPS Ap still $100.00?
Livestream iPhone Application.
iTunes Preview does it make sense?
The MPAA should not have this much power ever!
Microsoft Fights Back on Windows 7 / Mac Design.
Just a small sliver of Earth Outbound!
More Hardware on way to ISS.
Big Gamble for Newscorp will Google show them the Hand?
Digg Podcast Directory RIP.
Facebook iPhone App Developer walks away!
Perfect PC for the Living Room!
Making Vista work Better!
AT&T comes out swinging!
Google SPDY could revolutionize the Web!
Netflix needs to hear from us!
How Twitter is changing face of Media!
DOS on Wiretaps pretty scary stuff.
Facebook gets teen a get out of Jail Free Card!
1000′s of Xbox 360′s Locked out of Live!
Senator Mad at Verizon over $350.00 early Termination Fee.
Extradition of Hacker from UK doubtful.
Google Buys Gizmo5.
Verizon to do RIAA Evil doings!
NASA Rover to try and get dug out of mars sand box!

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Video Produced by Executive Producer Jack Ellis

GNC-2007-08-10 #292

Posted by geeknews at 4:20 AM on August 10, 2007

Two major rants tonight: Realistic privacy expectations in new media and signing exclusive podcast advertising contracts. Plus, a lot of great tech news and information.

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Listener Links:
Dorthy iLife08 Video
Metric Conversions
Zune running iPhone Fake or Real
AMIE Street
NYT Lowers some Walls
Amazon Payment system for Developers
HDTV Worth Waiting For
Linspire – Indiana University — Listen to show
Flashlight that makes you throw up

Show Notes:
Spam Blogs
AOL will Kill Digg Clone
Google Deletes Own Blog as Spammer
MAC vs PC in Cost
Circuit City and No Refunds
Oklahoma Students Fight Back
Apple Strategy
iPhone Touch Screen Issues
Ford almost got my vision correct
Sprint + Nokia N800
iMac teardown
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Xbox 360 has HDMI
NASA Asteroid Buster mock up
Vonage Financials
Google Evil News Walled Garden
Be careful Jason!
Endeavor STS-118
Search Engine Privacy Improvements?
Big File Transfer
Hitachi Blu-ray Camcorder
Low Marks on Video Downloads
DRM Stripped from Netflix Movie Stream
Universal Music DRM Free Test

GNC-2007-08-07 #291

Posted by geeknews at 3:59 AM on August 7, 2007

Late start tonight but I have a couple of mini job opportunities available for those looking for some extra tech work. Also looking for Wikipedia expert.

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Listener Links:
Dumb Product
Have Camera go to Jail
Fair Use under Attack
Simpson’s Domain

Show Notes:
MadKast better use their own Product
Are you a Digital Pack Rat
SoundExchange trying to leverage DRM
Microsoft causing War in Open Source?
Pencil Removed from Brain
Thai Police officer Punishment
Linspire CEO Quits
Defcon 2007 Reporter Outed Update
Old News Cooking a Laptop
Lets Nuke a Meteor
FTC to look at Targeted Advertising
Apple facing lawsuit over iPhone keyboard
iPhone Sim Hack is the real deal
Xbox 360 Thermal Issues
Fake Steve Jobs Outed
VC Investment hitting high levels
Windows iPhone File Browser available
Nixie Tube clock really cool DIY kit
Halo-Themed Zune
Microsoft 1.5 Billion MP3 Award Struck down
Patch your iPhone Now!
MovableType Version 4 almost Ready
Photosynth Team Film Shuttle
DMOZ Editors helping (not surprised)
WSJ PC Questions
Shuttle Launch on Wednesday
Progress docks at ISS
Congress cannot count to 100
SoundExchange aught Lobbying
Blogging issues with companies Stick
IT Staff not keeping up with Workplace Gadgets
New Spammer Tricks