My iPod Touch Wish List

itouch-imgI was one of the first to get a Zune when it was announced. I also was one of the first to get an iPod Touch. Being first is great but like most “version 1.0″ products, you’re left wanting more.

There are rumors that Apple will refresh it’s its iPod line next week and I’m hoping that includes the iPod Touch. I’ve enjoyed my first generation Touch but I wish it did more. In fact I wish it was just like the third generation iPhone, without the phone (and the monthly bill).

Apple, if you’re listening, here is my wish list for a new and improved iPod Touch:
1. Camera. There are rumors this will be included and it would be a killer product if it had the iPhone camera that could do stills and video.

2. GPS and Compass. I realize that the iPhone uses GPS and google maps to show you where you are and you need an internet connection to update the maps, but there are a few turn-by-turn GPS programs that store the maps in the iPhone and don’t rely on a Internet connection. This would be perfect for the Touch. Also, wifi is showing up almost everywhere so I think it still makes sense.

3. Built-in mic and speaker. Yes, I know the 2nd generation Touch has a speaker but I want to make sure it stays in for the 3rd gen (my 1st gen Touch doesn’t have it). A built-in mic means you could use the Touch as a recording device (for voice memos and video), as well as for services like Skype.

4. Music subscription service. I know this isn’t specific to the iPod Touch, but since you are rumored to be coming out with big announcements, why not shock everyone and offer a monthly fee for a service that gives you unlimited (DRM-encoded) music (similar to what Microsoft offers for the Zune). That would really take the thunder out of the pending Microsoft Zune HD release.

5. Approve Google Voice application to run on the iPhone/Touch. Oh sorry, this is for a different blog post.

So, 09/09/2009, is the big day and I can’t wait to see what Apple announces. What is on your wish list for Apple announcements?

73’s, Tom