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Yahoo Rolls Flickr into New Android Weather App

Posted by Alan at 3:50 PM on November 2, 2011

yahoo weather app

Yahoo is releasing a new weather app for Android and it looks like they have finally found a use for Flickr – not a profit from it, but a use for it, at least.  Yes, there are literally hundreds of weather apps for Android, and there’s a Flickr app as well, but Yahoo found a way to combine the two and make their new weather app stand out from the crowd.

The new app will pull pictures in based on a user’s location and the current conditions in that location.  In other words, if you are in New York City and it’s snowing, the Yahoo Weather app will search Flickr for a picture of NYC in the snow and use it as the background.  Of course every location won’t have pictures on Flickr for every condition, but Flickr is incredibly popular so you may be surprised by how close it can get.

For Flickr users who are concerend that their work may be used without permission, Yahoo promises to only use photos from members who have opted in via their Project Weather Group.  You can learn more, as well as download the app for free, from the Android Market.

The Slowest Landslide Ever

Posted by Alan at 6:41 PM on June 4, 2011

Okay, the headline may be an exaggeration.  After all, I don’t know if records exist for such things and if they do, I didn’t look for them.  However, be it a record or not, this is still an absolutely amazing natural phenomena.

In Wyoming, recently, a large amount of rain and snow-melt has resulted in unstable conditions.  This, in turn, lead to a massive landslide in the Snake River Canyon, which came down across Highway US 26-89.  Even now, days later, the landslide is still moving at about a half meter (18 inches) per hour.  The Wyoming Department of Transportation has been following it and took a time-lapse video which can be seen below.  To get a sense of scale, pay attention to the man who enters the video and walks around RIGHT ON THE LANDSLIDE.


DIY Weather Balloon Video

Posted by Andrew at 1:00 AM on October 6, 2010

Over at How It Works there’s a short story about a father and his two children sending up a weather balloon to 19 miles with a video camera on-board.  The camera records all of the ascent and all but 2 minutes of the descent – the battery runs out!

It takes the Geissbuhler family eight months of planning and it’s a great testimony to what can be achieved by enthusiasts.  It certainly helps that the miniaturisation of technology has allowed GPS and hi-res video cameras to be encapsulated in tiny devices such as mobile phones.  However, this shouldn’t take away from their achievements.  Here’s the video.