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CleanGrow’s Nutrient Analyzer at Gadget Show Live

CleanGrow LogoFor anyone who uses water on a daily basis, knowing the quality of the water is essential. For these people, CleanGrow has developed a “laboratory in a suitcase” which is able to analyse six water-based nutrients in one go. Ian from CleanGrow tells me more about it at Gadget Show Live.CleanGrow Sensor

Developed for food growers and other industries that need to accurately measure nutrients and ions in water, the Nutrient Analyzer measures six different ions at once. Using a top-secret membrane to attract the ions, the analyser detects and quantifies six from calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, sodium, ammonium, nitrate and (coming soon) phosphate, before sending the data to an iPhone or iPad. The system is very easy to use – put the water in the bottle, stick the multi-sensor in the bottle and the Analyzer tells you what’s in the water. The sensors can detect from as little as 0.05 ppm to 60,000 ppm with a sample typically taking less than 20 seconds to be analysed.

CleanGrow Suitcase

The CleanGrow system is available now for around GB£2,500.

Breathe Underwater With “Artificial Gills” from Triton

triton swimmer in poolHumans have been able to swim underwater safely for decades using equipment like SCUBA gear. But that type of underwater apparatus can be expensive and difficult to use. What if a swimmer could just put on a simple mask-like device that would allow him to breathe underwater without the need for oxygen tanks or other bulky gear? The developers of the Triton Artificial Gill Re-Breather are hoping to answer that question.

The Triton team has created a prototype “artificial gill” system. This so-called “re-breather” uses a special respirator that a swimmer holds in their mouth to be used with an attendant mask that covers the eyes and nose. Triton claims that this system will allow a swimmer to safely breathe underwater for up to 45 minutes without the need for external oxygen tanks or other breathing equipment. The artificial gills are made from microporous hollow fiber that keeps water out but allows oxygen to pass. A powerful lithium-ion battery then runs a compressor that feeds a small onboard oxygen tank, making it possible to breathe underwater.

Triton is launching its re-breather thru an Indiegogo campaign that’s been wildly successful. The team was hoping to raise $50,000 and the campaign has already taken in more than $800,000 in pledges. A contribution of $299 will net you a production-model re-breather and save you $100 on the expected retail price.

Safeguard Against Water Damage with D-Link’s Wi-Fi Water Sensor

D-Link LogoHumans have done much over the centuries to try and control the flow of water around us. And in many parts of the developed world, we’ve created intricate water distribution systems that have helped to create a baseline quality of life unparalleled by anything in history. And while most modern indoor plumbing is generally reliable, sometimes it breaks down, potentially causing all kinds of damage. When plumbing leaks start, a quick response is crucial to avoid excessive water damage. But what do you do when those leaks occur in the middle of the night, while you’re asleep? Or when you’re not at home? D-Link has provided a solution with its new Wi-Fi Water Sensor.

The concept behind the D-Link DCH-S160 Water Sensor is pretty simple. Just place the sensor in an area of concern for potential water problems (near a sump pump or water heater, next to a washing machine, etc.) and plug it into a wall outlet. When the sensor detects water in its vicinity, it will immediately send an alert to the mydlink smartphone app, letting you know you should check out the situation. D-Link’s Wi-Fi Water Sensor can also be paired with a Wi-Fi siren to assure you’re alerted in the event of a water problem.

The D-Link Water Sensor retails for around $75.00 and can be found at most electronics retailers.

iSwimband Returns to CES with Updated Product

iSwimband logoPool and water safety are serious concerns. iSwimband returned to CES in 2015 to talk about its updated product for swimmers. Imagine being able to receive an alert on your smartphone when a young child enters the water. Or imagine being able receive an alert when a more advanced swimmer has been underwater for too long.

Jamie spoke with Paul Newcomb for the second time in as many years about iSwimband. Paul talked about the updated iSwimband and how the band can be used in conjunction with a swimmer’s current set of goggles or swim cap. Paul also noted that iSwimband makes a customized set of goggles that easily allows for iSwimband integration, and that the company will soon be releasing a specialized swim cap that does the same.

Interview by Jamie Davis of Health Tech Weekly for the TechPodcast Network.

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Liquipel: Protect Your Device From Water

Liquipel Liquipel is a nano technology that is applied to devices to act as a liquid repellant. It treats both the inside and outside of the device. This is done without having to take the device apart. Liquipel is applied at the shop and it bonds at a molecular level. The nano coating is 1,000x thinner than a human hair. Since the application is done without having to disassemble the device the warranty is not effected.

The Liquipel newest product is Liquipel 2.0 which was developed to help repeal salt water. Salt water even in the air can corrode a device over time. Many people who live near the ocean in places like Florida were asking for something that would help repeal salt water and Liquipel came up with Liquipel 2.0.

At this time all the work has to be done in shop, so you have to send the device in. They are working on a 4x4x4 unit that can go into retail locations, so the user doesn’t have to ship the device out. It is $59.95 to treat a phone and $89.95 for a tablet. If it fits into the machine they can treat it.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine, and by Nick DiMeo of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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