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GNC-2009-04-24 #471 Going it Alone for Two Weeks

Posted by geeknews at 10:56 PM on April 23, 2009

Hey folks first up will be running solo here in the Cochrane household over next two weeks. Shoko’s dad has taken a turn for the worse so she and my youngest child is headed to Japan on a emergency trip. The podcast tonight was recorded early as I am trying to help her get ready to roll. No one guessed the idea origin of the logo so we are extending the contest for $100.00 till Tuesday show. I have give you another clue in the podcast today.

Special Note: I will have Roz Savage in the Studio on Saturday 6pm HST for a live recording talking about leg 2 of her Pacific Row. Join us at Geek News Central . Her site is

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Show Notes:
Do you really need to write good Twitter Headlines?
1 Billion App downloads in Nine Months Shows Value of App Store.
AT&T Kills CallVantage VOIP Service tell customers go find a new home.
Time Warner Battles small towns in North Carolina with Legislative Actions to kill competition.
Fresh Press ask Congress for Broadband Cap Study and Investigation.
AT&T needs the iPhone to survive and cannot afford Verizon to get hands on it.
Nielsen determines why ISP’s want broadband Caps Average Video watching up to 6 minutes daily.
TWC No Tiers, No more Speed were taking the party someplace else.
Selma Hayek Apple MobileMe account hacked.
Microsoft Makes Money but trending is down for first time in years!
GeoCities old school free hosting service shuts down.
The Pirate Google see it while it last.
Pirate Bay Judge has ties to Copyright Organizations possible new trial looming!
Apple earnings exceed street expectations.
Check out this cool hack by Doc Searls for getting Twitter results in Google Searches.
V.P. Biden tells MPAA they will be happy with Copyright czar!
Is an Injunction on Pirate Bay operations coming?
Hubble Repair Mission may be moved up a single day!
Apple CFO No Netbooks
Does Apple already have a Netbook in the Macbook Air?
Amazing Hubble Pictures that will simply astonish you!
High Tech Non-Weapons for Ship Pirate Protection.
New Botnet takes over 1.9 Million computers.
UN puts Ancient books and Treasures online.
Seven great reasons to buy a car now!
PBS Online Video Offer quite spectacular.
Mysterious Blob has scientist amazed and confused at same time.
Comment Relish 2.0 a great WordPress plugin to build a following.
Chris Penn’s Twitter Following Guidelines.

Time Warner Cable in battle to protect their Monopoly!

Posted by geeknews at 11:13 AM on April 22, 2009

The stakes could not be in higher now in North Carolina where communities are sick and tired of being sick and tired of paying ridiculous prices for Internet, TV Programming and Telephone services are in a battle to save a local broadband services from being shut down by Time Warner.

Several towns have formed private companies in North Carolina to roll out their own service packages. Not at all surprisingly they are offering some amazing data, television, and telephone services that Time Warner is not happy about.

Wilson, North Carolina asked Time Warner Cable for more bandwidth a lower prices. TWC was unwilling to do so, Wilson, NC invested 28 million dollars to roll there own.


A comparison of services from various providers. The local service, Greenlight, both provides the most affordable bundle option for its speed, and offers an unmatched 100 Mbps option. The success has cable providers trying to outlaw the service. (Source: IndyWeek)

What is ironic here is that every time I have examined a city or town doing this it is a big win for the residents. Even more amazing if you look at the chart. They offer a 100mps symmetrical connection for $300.00 a month.

Almost makes you want to pack up and move your business to the Wilson, NC area.

Here is the kicker Time Warner has used its lobbyist and strong arm tactics to get a bill introduced in the North Carolina legislature that would actually outlaw what the city of Wilson did.

There is a huge battle going in in this state and if you don’t think it could happen in yours you are sadly mistaken. If you are a resident of North Carolina you better pick up the phone today and support Save North Carolina Broadband

GNC-2009-04-17 #469 Time Warner Smack Down

Posted by geeknews at 2:08 AM on April 17, 2009

Time Warner did not have the guts to do the Interview, they are all scared of you folks but I have a lot of fun with the questions in the show. Should be good for a laugh for all, maybe not Time Warner. Actually I am surprised they have not shut off my Internet.

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Show Notes:
New Atomic Clock not very Accurate ;)
Amazon locking out some Kindle users
TWC Runs home to Mama after getting beat down!
Watch out for stuff in your Car
Psystar still delivering PC’s
Nokia business down 90%
TWC PR Disaster o BW Caps
Do you blog Anonymously?
Facebook letting Users Decide TOS Fate
National Geographic Amazing Infinite Photograph
Have Mac – Used P2P – Probably Hacked
Apple Market Sales Down
Internet Sales Tax Maybe coming!
Beyond Stupidity on Dominoes Gag
Move Over User Generated Content on YouTube
IPO for Skype would love to buy some Stock
Those that Snoop get Snooped on!
Cobert gets a Treadmil :) ISS gets Tranquility
SSD Encrypted Drives
Digg retreats on Diggbar
AT&T will have to Pay Apple big to Stay Exclusive on iPhone
Proxy + Crime = Same Jail Time
Swiss ISP say No Logging
Pirate Bay Trial Verdict Today
I Don’t like those Odds 1-221 for for Hubble Mission
Google wants to play Advertiser with Twitter
Kepler begins search for Planets
A PC Users confessions on Mac Usage
NASA may get more Shuttle Money
Twitter Secret or maybe not so Secret announce today
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