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Mushroom Networks Joins NewTek Developer Network

Mushroom NetworksMushroom Networks,a company that is based in San Diego, California, has joined the NewTek Developer Network. This enables Mushroom Networks’ Streamer 3G/4G wireless bonding device to be fully integrated with NewTek’s line of TriCaster multi-media live video production cameras.

The Mushroom Network’s Streamer can bond up to eight cellular data cards to enable fast and reliable live streaming. The integration allows TriCaster to plug directly into the Streamer. This enables live video streaming from remote locations using 3G/4G cellular data cards – without any loss of TriCaster’s advanced production features.

Users can seamlessly operate the two products (the TriCaster and the Streamer) without the need for any involved configuration. Together, the combination provides an easy way for professionals and amateurs to create, produce, and stream live video content.

Streamer utilizes bonding technology that is optimized to stream video to web via aggregated 3G/4G wireless data cards. Webcasters can plug in the encoded video and audio feed from their encoder or video, add the USB modem cellular air cards to the Streamer, and start streaming high-resolution and high frame rate video to the web.

New Tek Lowers the Price of the TriCaster 450: Are They feeling the Heat

NewTekNewTek has lowered the price for the TriCaster 455 by $6000, it is now $9995. The TriCaster 455 is described as “the affordable, integrated solution to produce your 4-camera, 14-channel, HD live show with maximum creative firepower—but with minimal proportions.”-(NewTek) Within the podcasting community the TriCaster was made famous when it was first used by Leo Laporte and TWIT. For the longest time if you were a podcaster and wanted to do your shows live, the TriCaster was the way to go. Now though there is a new player in the field, LiveStream which offers the LiveStream Broadcaster, and the Studio Family of Products. The Livestream Studio™ HD50 is $6,999 and the Livestream Studio™ HD500 is $8,500. Both which offer similar options that the TriCaster offers for a much lower prices.

If NewTek the maker of the TriCaster is feeling the pressure than this is good for the live video podcasting community. True competition is always good, it leads to lower prices and better products. If this means a new TriCaster is on the way, well that is even better, either way it is good news.  The TriCaster 455 is an excellent product and this offer is only good until June 27, 2013.  If you are thinking of buying a TriCaster this is the time.

Tricaster TCXD850 Control Surface Review

Since getting my TCXD850 Tricaster back in November, I knew that it was going to be awhile before the control surface for the 850 would be ready, and that operating the new Tricaster with only a mouse, keyboard and their older LC-11 controller was going to be a challenge.

The overload of control options needed to manage the system through the windows interface for a single operator that was also the host, was nearly impossible. Being my operation is largely a one man show, I could not wait to take delivery of the new control surface. Late this afternoon UPS delivered the new control surface, and I have spent the last five hours getting familiarized with all the features.

All I can really say is how did I make it 4 months without this. The form factor is a bit overwhelming as you can see from the image below that it consumes my studio desk.  Sometimes size does mater and in this instance Newtek has really delivered here in a big way. While the price of the controller will make you cringe the ease of managing the Tricaster is worth every penny.

The control surface is broken down into sections, Transitions, Media Player Control, Live Sets, Virtual Input Management, a positioner, record, and two huge sections used for control and organization of live set and standard non green screen views.

I caught my self saying wow a bunch of times, because in reality I have up to this point only used about 10% of the features of the system.  The best part is that I now have two teenagers that want to get behind the controls. Nothing like a lot of lights and switches to get someones juices flowing. If you are considering purchasing a Tricaster and go with the TCXD850, add the control surface to the purchase order, because you will be glad you ordered both. Take it from a guy that has been running one without the new controller for the past 4 months. Also let me know if you are about to pull the trigger on a Newtek product, I will get you hooked up with one of their Platinum Dealers.

I will be talking about the features and showing them off in my next show, so do not miss the next episode of the Geek News Central Podcast. If you want a tour of my entire studio click here.

TPN.TV CES 2011 Booth Tour

Esby Larsen and Andy McCaskey show the Tech Podcast Network interview booth at CES 2011 showing and talking about the video and computer equipment including the TriCaster HD.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen of MrNetCast.com and Andy McCaskey of RV News Network.

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Tricaster TCXD850 Unboxing

My new Tricaster TCXD850 was delivered this weekend. Ironically I am on extended travel, so I had it delivered to my Hotel room. The maids already were a bit freaked out with all the extra stuff I brought in for this extended trip not sure what they are gonna think now.

The box contained a keyboard, mouse, some adapters, two power cables, a special tool to help with connector removal. I will follow up with a full system review in the next couple of weeks.

GNC-2010-09-17 #611 Wait till you see the Rover Tracks!

There is so much great tech in this show, that I did not get through the entire stack some of the stuff at the end I only casually covered due to time constraints. Join me on Saturday for The Morning Show. Should be a great show, we have two new guest, one calling in from the UK. Have suggestions on topics for the morning show get them in today. Huge Thanks to all of the supporters of the show.

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Tricaster TCXD850 Delivery Delays

As all of you know I have been awaiting on the delivery of theTricaster TCXD850 to date we are still waiting on delivery. Newtek has not been real public on what is causing the delays beyond heavy demand. With record pre-orders it is apparent that Newtek is having significant trouble working off backlog,  as many of their dealers are still waiting on their initial demo units.

In an age of transparency no news is not necessarily good news and leads to speculation on why they are having so much trouble. They knew demand was going to be high, and should have been able to ramp up production prior to the delivery date. Hardware configuration has been locked in for months, as they have been demonstrating the unit since before NAB. Software updates are to be expected up to launch date, but updating hard drives should be a no brainer in that all the drives are externally available.

For many months the new Tricaster has been eagerly awaited by many production companies and small media productions like mine.  How much longer we have to wait is yet to be seen. My only hope is that Newtek start feeding more information to the dealers so at least we can resume our business planning. Having this much cash outlaid, with this long of a delivery period may be ok for big companies but it really hurts small companies like mine.

GNC-2010-07-13 #592 A New Video Intro?

I am switching back to the old newsletter format until, I get the template worked out, to many people were having trouble. When I get the Video of the show up, check out the new video intro. Weird show tonight goes that ways sometimes. The march is on to show 600 send in those comments about what you would change with the show. Also the TCXD850 has been ordered. If you feel like becoming a July Super Insider your support is appreciated.

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Tricaster TCXD850 Coming to Geek News Central

Any of you that have watched my show know, that when I am in Hawaii that I use a Tricaster Studio. The Tricaster Studio has really allowed me to take the show in directions, that was not even feasible a few years ago. Newtek is introducing the Tricaster TCXD850 this coming week, which is a completely new animal with so much power and features I go into a cold sweat thinking about it. While it is a 100% HD/SD machines we will be moving the studio to HD throughout the rest of the year, as the upgrade is not cheap.

The Tricaster TCXD850 is going to allow me to do a number of things, that I would not have been able to do with the system I own now. The Specs below are provided by the folks over at Newtek. Now all I have to do is wait as It will be several weeks before I get my new Tricaster shipped to me.

TriCaster TCXD850 accepts video in all common video formats and sources, including HD-SDI, SDI, component, Y/C, or composite.

  • 22-channel switcher with eight HD-SDI or analog inputs, two DDRs, two network inputs, titles, stills and eight virtual/mix channels
  • Five digital Media Players for video playback, titles, stills, music and sound
  • Overlay with rotation, positioning and scaling in 3D plus animated effects
  • Two network inputs deliver graphics from LiveText, presentations from a PC or Mac® using iVGA or other computer sources to the switcher or overlay channels
  • Simultaneously monitor all switcher inputs at full field-rate and verify signal integrity with color Waveform/Vectorscopes
  • Use any combination of either embedded digital, AES or the 16 balanced analog XLR audio inputs to bring in microphones, stereo or quad line level sources
  • Audio mixing capabilities with audio follows video support and auxiliary routing to integrate into an external audio setup
  • HDMI and VGA program outputs for projector (IMAG) or other monitoring applications
  • 36 hours of 1080i recording capacity that can be extended by using the three removable drive bays
  • Three video output rows provide flexible simultaneous HD and SD video output
  • Durable rack mount 4U case with redundant power supply