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TriCaster Mini – Go Make Your Own Show!

NewTek LogoNewTek has something that will make it so much easier for people to get out into the world and record video. It is the TriCaster Mini. It enables people to create and publish awesome video content in just minutes and to stream it live!

The TriCaster Mini can replace the expensive professional equipment that some people have been lugging around in order to film a video. Its an all-in-one studio style production system that can be used no matter what your skill level happens to be. Those new to production will be able to use it and those more experienced will love the professional results it can produce.

You will need to add an “off the shelf” video camera (or several, if you prefer). Connect your video camera, a mouse, and a keyboard to the TriCaster Mini and you are ready to go. You can also plug in a microphone or a small audio mixer if you want to use multiple mics in your production.

TriCaster Mini Units

The system can capture live video, overlay graphics, charts, titles, and animations, and even include video that is on another computer. You can use it to have guest speakers call in from their webcams and stream it all live. It will even let you record your work so that it can be posted and watched on-demand later on.

The TriCaster Mini opens up a whole new world for people who are new to video production and live streaming. It also makes things less difficult for professionals who no longer have to bring a ton of equipment along with them to their next video shoot. Further information can be found on the NewTek website.

Are you excited about the TriCaster Mini? NewTek seems to have anticipated that reaction. Scattered across their website are several bright orange buttons that say “I want mine now”. Click one and it will help you find where to purchase one. Here at Geek News Central, we are very excited about the TriCaster Mini and will be trying to get a demo unit.