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July Tech Podcast Round Table!

Join us Saturday July 31st at 1:00PM Pacific – 4:00PM Eastern for the Tech Podcast Roundtable.

Joining us:

  • Norbert Davis: MaxiVista app for iPad
  • Jeffrey Powers: Help a Reporter.com
  • Tech Podcast Network members will also share some of their gear setups as well!

To participate in the Round Table is very simple, 15 Minutes before we start Simply Click this link! GotoMeeting will load automatically and then you can then choose to either dial in, or participate with a headset via VOIP.

Special Note: In the next week TechPodcasts.com is going to go through its second major update with RawVoice at the helm, the site is going to have a brand new designed home page and the site will be 100% HTML5 compatible. When you visit TPN you will be able to listen and watch the most recent episodes on the site. We are also excited about the growth of TechPodcasts.tv which in the coming weeks will start featuring scheduled streaming content. TechPodcasts.com is leading new RawVoice initiatives in our network development. Have you seen TPN shows on the Roku or Boxee? If not you should pick up a Roku today to watch of listen to your favorite Tech Podcast Network shows from your living room.

Tech Podcast Network always has child safe, & educational content from a wide diverse set of content creators.  TPN is always looking for new sponsors for its network of shows, the network reaches millions of early adopters each and every week. We encourage you to contact ceo@rawvoice.com if you think you would or know someone that would be willing to advertise in our network of shows. All referals are elgible for our 10% finders fee which could be worth 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Finally we hope to see you on Saturday for our monthly Tech Podcast Network Round Table

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CES 2010 Day Two Wrap Up Show

The team has been putting in a huge amount of hours and we did our wrap up show with a special guest from Sony. We also introduce our Day 2 pick of the day which is a interesting service that Andy discovered while searching the floor for unique products and services. Learn a little about what Sony has going on along with some pretty cool other products we review.

Also we think that you are going to love the discovery Jeffrey made.

CES 2008 Cool It Systems

Cool It Systems has some of the best extreme gamer cooling systems. Those looking for some amazing over clocking cooling products for their computers need go no further. Based on feedback I have had from my audience over the past year I can endorse the Cool It System Coolers These are some great products.

If you want more information on Cool It Systems and info on future special offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter promo code “COOLIT” or visit www.coolitsystems.com

Download Link

Bento keeps you organized product overview at CES 2008

Andy McCaskey spent some time with the folks from Filemaker.com, and talked about a new Mac product they call Bento at the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to their website “Bento brings your important information together in one place to help you get organized. So you can manage your contacts, coordinate events, track projects, prioritize tasks, and more – faster and easier than ever before.”

I have been running a version of this program since the show and am really impressed in the way it has allowed me to really stay organized.

If you want more information on Bento and info on future special offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter promo code “BENTO” or visit www.filemaker.com

Simulscribe Voicemail Text Service at Consumer Electroncs Show

Simulscribe is a very cool service that transcribes takes your voicemail and transcribes it into a text email message. Simulscribe is a subscription service. I like the idea in this as you will be able to get the contectual content of your voicemail in a text message to your email inbox.

If you want more information on Simulscribe and future special offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter promo code “SIMULSCRIBE” or visit www.simulscribe.com

Energizer it’s not just about Batteries Anymore at CES 2008

When you think of Energizer you think about batteries but you really do not think about home lighting. The folks at Energize have come with some great lighting products for the home that have eye appeal and will solve a lot of problems people have with lighting.

This new line of lighting products called “Light on Demand” are going to allow people to hang lights in places they would not do so otherwise. With long lasting rechargeable batteries this is the perfect solution that eliminates the hassle of having to hide or run wiring. As simple as hang the light and turn it on is the advantage of these new products by energizer. Long Life Time, Uses LED lights and they are very efficient lights that will run 12 hours on a charge. Best thing as easy to hang as a picture.

They are going to be sold at Target and Target.com available Feb 3rd.

If you want more information on the new Energizer Home Lights and future special offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter promo code “ENERGIZER” or visit www.energizer.com

Download Video

OQO A Full PC That Fits in Your Pocket Interview at CES 2008

I have been watching the OQO for over a year now and their Ultra Mobile PC’s are some of the best out their in the market today. So when I got a chance to interview them at the Consumer Electronics Show I could not pass the booth by. What I like the most about this Ultra Mobile PC is the ability to get additional third party batteries for it that extend batter life on the unit.

It has built in EVDO for either Sprint or Verizon making it the perfect device for streaming from anyplace with a decent EVDO connection. I want one of these devices pretty bad.

To get more information about the OQO and possible special offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter the keyword OQO or visit their website at www.oqo.com

Download Video

MagicJack No More Monthly Phone Bill Interview at CES

One of the coolest products I found that is perfect for the traveling military person, someone on the go or even for someone looking to get rid of their monthly phone bill was being demonstrated by a company called MagicJack.

I was able to get a MagicJack and plug it into my USB port on my Computer and I was making free phone calls in about 5 minutes. The software is loaded on the device and it installs virtually automatically. I was able to pick out a area code exchange of my choice and was dialing out and having people dial in. Sound quality was very good.

Whats cool about the MagicJack is that plugs into your PC USB port then you plug a regular phone into it and your good to go. Pick up the phone and you have a dial tone. Very inexpensive product.

To get more information about the MagicJack and possible special viewer offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter the keyword “MAGIC” or visit the vendors website at www.magicjack.com

Download Video

CES-TPN-2008-01-10-POD CES 2008 Day 4 Pick of the Day

Final data of coverage here at CES it has been Andy and my privilege to bring you this content. We have a huge number of Interviews, and Product overviews for you in the coming weeks. Out take reel to follow in coming days


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