So you want to run OSX on the Intel Based PC on your Desk?

That’s right my geek friends have a spare computer laying around and I think you could have yourself a weekend of fun loading Apple OSX (Developers Edition) on your Intel based PC that you have stored in a closet. May be a bit buggy but it sure will be a lot of fun to show it off to the geek next door who just purchased a dual processor G5. [Extreme Tech]

Rub it in a little and install the build on a high end Pentium 4 that you got for $500.00

Want WiFi in the Country check this out!

My parents live 6 miles from the closest town and about 3 miles from the closest high speed cable drop. Seeing this article in Engadget today got me to thinking on a solution that I may have to play around with. The key will be finding someone willing to let me mount some commercial WiFi Gear up on their roof. Need to see who I know in the area as it would be a fun experiment to get them some high speed access. [Engadgett]

I have one of those dishes in storage also and I bet you using some of my RF skills I could build a better antenna then these guys did and even increase senstivity by buying a high end amplifier for the unit.

BBC Annotatable Audio project

Hey I caught a whiff of this today and man this project looks pretty cool. I hope the BBC releases this as Open source i would love to have this incorporated over here for all of our Audio files it would allow people to find commentary in the archive very easily. So very cool! [BBC]

Robert Cringley in a mind blowing piece!

Imagine getting a call several weeks from now from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo saying hey we know you have a lot of data on your hard-drives and we want to store all of it for you, “for free”. and you don’t even have to send us a hard-drive. Every do some thinking about the storage infrastructure requirements to store all of the worlds data. Think about the power requirements and the cooling needed. What if you had a 10 million hard-drives running in a building and all of the racks to support that. I would think you would want that facility in Alaska some place were it stays cold a significant number of months every year. [Robert Cringley]

Weblog Ping Servers are either broke or over loaded!

I have been watching our success rate at pinging major indexes over the past couple of weeks and I have drawn some conclusions. Most of the ping servers are broke big time and only a small portion of the pings are getting through. I have even went ahead and increased time-out times to ridiculous levels and to no avail the sites don’t pick up the pings.

IceRocket has not accepted a ping in over 2 weeks. This is the error message Ping ‘′ failed: HTTP error: 302 Moved Temporarily, Misses about 50% of the pings but hopefully Verisign will fix this during their server move. No wonder Yahoo podcast directory is not updating I am seeing this entry in about 80% of the attempts to ping them,’ failed.

Whats wrong with these sites. Technorati has about a 25% success rate, but others I am seeing a100% success rate, it appears the bigger sites just cannot handle the number of incoming pings?

Blogs impacting traditional publishers models!

I am not surprised that content publishers are being hurt by blogs. I used to get about 20 periodicals delivered to the house and went through their painful registration process to keep them coming. Guess what today my mail box is empty I am not killing tree’s

Why do I want to read two week old tech news and commentary from someone that usually has an agenda. The blog revolution continues to whack away at the regular media model.

Podcasting just a year old will continue to change the models, two years from now people are going to be getting all of their content via new models. [Information Week]

Computer Saves Drowning Girl

This is simply amazing technology, think of the lives it could save worldwide if it was standard issue with every swimming pool that was installed. Their is a video of the actual incident. [BBC]

Has Technorati lost that loving feeling!

I find an amazing amount of information each week from all of the search terms I have setup that look for keywords via Pubsub and Technorati and like some others I am about feed up with Technorati. Their quality has really been falling off I hate to say it but some of the traditional search engines that allow keyword searches to be converted into RSS feeds are doing better albeit a few days slower.

I agree with some other blogger posts that PubSub is kicking dirt in Technorati’s face at the moment, and the divide is getting wider every day.

Case in point, I submitted a Press Release to the wire services nearly 4 months ago it was picked up by both Technorati and Pubsub at the time when I originally released it but here is the kicker. Today I see it in my RSS feed for Technorati again with todays date as the publish date.

I am not sure what is going on over their but my feeddemon news aggregator has all of my Pubsub terms at the top of the column and technorati at the bottom. I used to inter mingle them but I find it a general waste of time to do that now. [Jason Kottke]