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The Real Mac Pros

Apple ProHave you ever wondered how many of the worlds greatest special effects for major motion pictures are created? How about what kind of computing horse power is required to decode the human genome, or even what kind of technology is in the backpack of the world best photographers.

There’s a portion of the Apple site that you might not be familiar with where the rubber meets the road as far as how the jobs really get done and Apple’s role in that work. You can check out the Apple Pro website and learn about design, film & video, music & audio, photo and science. The site contains these wonder mini-profiles of specific projects in the various categories. When I need a source of inspiration, I head over here to see how my cohorts in the industry make their magic happen.

Apple Announces Another Press Event for the 19Th

We hardly had time to look at the latest devices that Apple rolled out Weds. when MacWorld just Applereleased a news item that Apple has sent out private invitations to the press for another event on Oct 19th. “The latest invitation-only event will be held in New York City on October 19, 2005 on the eve of PhotoPlus Expo. Apple doesn’t say exactly what the press conference will be about, but the invitation sent to MacCentral asks to join them as “we unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations.”

Will it be new Pro applications from the Final Cut Studio? Will it be the final upgrades to the Powerbooks and PowerMacs before the Intel era arrives? Who knows, but it’s sure a lot of fun guessing and second guessing after the fact. There are so many features that are just coming to light from the products announced on Weds. One that comes to mind is in the new iPod video. It can play any mp4, .mov, or H.264 video in 320×240 format. That means you can download anything from the internet or your own movies in iMovie, or anything converted by the new Quicktime release, and place it in iTunes and move it onto your iPod for viewing. Just think of that for a moment.