GNC-2012-05-01 #761 Listener Appreciation Month

May will be the month of giveaways, listen to win. I also go into some of things that I have been doing which you are probably already aware to ensure the stability of the show for the long hall. Extended dialogue time on this show but with a hard hitting tech show as well.

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Show Notes:
Wind Generators and Global Warming?
Can’t trust the Tech Blogs!
Copyright is broke really bad.
Copyfraud and Trolls.
More Copyright Stupidity.
Harvard Battles Journal Costs.
Facebook likes not Protected Free Speech.
McCarthy is back at FBI!
Dotcom gets a bunch of his Money back.
Pirate Bay censored in U.K.
Hulu to require cable?
Backdoors Everywhere.
SETI to help Air Force?
Soyuz lands!
100 days to Mars Landing.
Time running out for Moores Law?
SiriusXM App Update not so good!
Microsoft dumps 300 million into Nook.
Fair Use is dead.
Digg to Washington Post?
Harley makes it from Japan.
Mirrorcase Kickstarter.
Paul Miller leaves the Net!
SpaceX test fire on pad?
Dish Hopper up to 6 channel record DVR.
Internet Speed down overall.
Bluetooth everywhere.
Skype Update on iOS.
www Turns 19.
Cloud Storage chart.

The Real Cost of SETI

I found an interesting info-graphic today while browsing one of my favorite science blogs – Bad Astronomy, run by astronomer, author, and debunker of woo, Phil Plait.  As everyone has probably heard, SETI, the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence” is being shut down.  The issue was budget-related.  To be fair, Phil got this from the Microcosmologist blog.  A portion of the image is shown below, but you really need to click it and view the whole thing for full effect.

seti info-graphic

The cost of SETI operations is $2.5 million per year, or the cost of 5 Tomahawk missile.  And, from that starting point, costs just spiral out of control.  I ask you all, if you believe in this program, then read what both links I provided have to say.

Check out the info-graphic that displays what we spend elsewhere.  Sure, things like national-defense are necessary.  But, when $1 from every Starbucks customer could fund such great science for years, is that really too much to ask?  When a single bank executive could fund SETI with walking-around money, is that too much to ask?  Google could fund this project without even missing the money.  Hint to any Google execs who read this blog…

Are we alone?  It seems unlikely in a universe so vast.  Can we find ET?  Again, in a universe so vast…  But, without SETI, then one of our best chances will disappear.  And that, I think, is a real shame.  Perhaps SETI needs to sign up for KickStarter….


GNC-2008-01-18 #340

Feels great to be back in the swing of things lots of comments and voicemail feedback at the end of the show glad you enjoyed teh CES back channel regular videos to be pushed online soon.

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Show Notes:
AT&T Filter and Spy on Internet Traffic?
ICANN stop Domain Tasting!
What does Akamai have to do with Net Neutrality AT&T?
Microsoft Cracking Down on DVD Ripping?
J.C. Penny looses 650k users data
Gas Cloud to Collide!
First Mercury Flyby Outage
Time Warner pay to download plan!!!!!!!
Violet Blue gets cold shoulder by Steve Jobs
Upgrade Google Analytics
Dell XPS Shock Hazard
Digg Internal Moderators Ruin Digg
Black Holes gone Wild
Seti did not call Home!
Macworld Blogger Lounge OLPC big HIt
Defendant Big Win against RIAA
Apple User Survey :)
Time Warner Idiots
Bionic Contact lenses
Miro Overhaul
Yahoo Open ID
Right or Left Side of Bed
Album DOA

GNC-2007-10-12 #308

The hacker battle continues fix is in for 1.1.1 version iPhone and iBrick Phones. Please help us raise $400.00 to give a laptop to a child!

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Blue Wave <-Old School Show Notes: iPhone Unbricking
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A new Dimension of Time?
Apple WebApps
Music Industry Self Destruction
Music Industry Five Alternative Models
Hard Drive Shortage in Dec?
Mom Tells Ballmer what she thinks of Vista
IE7 to be FIxed for Vulnerability
Madonna may bring Music Industry to it’s Knees
Looking for ET May get new Life
Endeavor may have Issue
Soyuz to ISS
DMCA battles getting Worse
FCC does not back down on 700mhz Auction
RIAA Victim slams Juror

Caught my Eye
How Car Financing Works
How does it Feel
Root offers clues to Addiction

GNC-2007-08-21 #295

I am officially on a mini vacation but the show must go on. Lots of interesting tech tonight with a little bit of good to know information.

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Show Notes:
Space Shuttle on Way Home
Cool Space Information
Protect your Produce
MACY Credit Card?
Netflix Notes
Windows Home Server is coming
Coupon Hacker Sued for Deleting Files
SETI WOW Signal Explained
Skype Blames Windows of Course!
Want a $4500 iPhone Bill Travel Internationally
iPhone Hacking Software
Internal Linking Scam
New Version of Tubes
Update State of Internet Radio
iPhone Hacking Step by Step
Robin Good had Google Love Again
HD-DVD Adoption by Dreamworks
AT&T $10.00 DSL Easier to Subscribe to
Some Question Skype Outage
MixTape DJ Replacement Plan
iPhone users in Vermont get canceled by AT&T if Caught
RIAA may be in Trouble on Legal Proceedings

GNC-2007-01-19 #235

Lots of content tonight and a bunch that I could not cover in the show but all the juicy stuff is in the show notes. Big thanks to the Ohana that stay Subscribed.

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Show Notes:
Rootkit Detection Software
Vista Announcements
Google Switch
Prada Phone
Adapatable Circuits
MySpace Widgets
Hands on iPhone
Google pulling domains
Myspace Parent Spyware
Vista Downloads
ET call Home
Skype Pricing 12 more days!
First Amendment
Convert Video
Skype International
Google versus Paypal
Time Magazine DOA
Progress to ISS
Pluto Mission
Server Hackers
RIAA vs Soccer Mom
IsoHunt RIP
CSS Tips