Google Calendar is Live

Well I am logged into pretty basic but free. You will be able to create multiple calendars of which you can make them private or share it. The one thing is obvious Google wants you to stay logged in. If you do then when appointments are near it will put up a pop up on your screen. Nice start. []

RSS feeds available I found the RSS feed, you have to dig around to find it, go to the left hand side click the down arrow by your name, and you will see calendar settings click that and you will be presented with a private feed URL if your application supports ical you can link in with that as well.

Nettica DNS Services

Since we have been adding servers here at Geek News Central, I have been wanting to make sure that we have some things in place in case we blow a hard-drive or have a hacker incident etc. First thing was to move DNS services off all of our servers and onto a professional DNS Service.

I was introduced to Nettica by Tim who has done, server and design work for me. What impressed me was the price, 100 domains, $50.00 a year and a smoking web based interface. They are not a fly bu night company they have their servers in multi-tiered hosting facilities and spread out as near as I can tell in 5 different places in the country.

They also have a service call FailSafe which will watch our groups of servers and if one of them goes down will route the traffic to a backup. Thus we are now in the process of mirroring all of the critical domains so that if we do go down for a hardware failure we will be able to come back online within a 15 minute window.

It will be a couple of weeks before we are done doing all of the migrating and have the mirrors in place and it is a significant investment but at this point we cannot afford to go down. We have even went so far as to have a server pre-configured to step in and become a new mirror if needed.

We will be testing the failure and recovery pieces here in the coming weeks but will let you know in advance when it is going to happen. Check out Nettica yourself.

Windows Live Updated in Big Way

A re-worked Microsoft Search engine is being preliminarily released as I type this. This is the start of Microsoft attempting to make the long climb to compete with Google.

First look and this is indeed a impressive upgrade, and I have been playing with it for about 20 minutes and man it’s fast, and although the search results are quite different than what I see at Google you can see Microsoft has rolled the dice and put some serious Web 2.0 components on this page. The Site works out of the chute with Firefox as well []


More news Sources [] I don’t get it!

First of all I have not sent a e-mail to anyone on Hotmail in a very long time. I am sure there are a lot of people that use it, but e-mail was always going missing and I personally find the interface horrible. Seems the Inventor of Hotmail did not like his interface very much either, as he has invested 5 million of his own dollars to build a toolbar that simply downloads the e-mail from Hotmail when the machine is idle.

I am not sure about you, but I receive and respond to e-mail today almost as fast as come in, sometime e-mail can be like a instant message conversations. From the point of view functionality I think the tool bar is pretty stupid. The second function piece adds some blogging tools, or actually it’s more a site annotation tool. What looks like has happened here is that the developer figured out part way into development is that he had a looser and had to add some functions to it in order for people to get excited about it.

What blows me away is he has had 50 programmers working on this thing. I tell you what give me 50 programmers 90 days and 5 million dollars and I will create a family of services that will cause people to sit up and notice.

30 Boxes First Look!

30 Boxes is a on line calendar that is very simple to use and can be shared. I am not a 100% sure if it will replace my outlook appointment folder but it may replace what my wife and I and some people I work with that use Groove currently to keep a synchronized common schedule.

I only played around with it for about 30 minutes but can see where the net presence of this thing tying into some other social network sites is going to make it very popular and we may indeed be seeing a paradym shift in the way people work their appointment folders etc. []

I still want a web based application like this that will replace Groove but nothing has come close yet.

Symantec user Supported Customer Support Board

It seems that the Symantec user community where not very happy when Symantec closed the official forum area on their website. Not to be deterred users opened a unofficial support board and the number of people using the forum area is significant. I am going to investigate a little further but it blows me away that Symantec would shut there own forum section down. []

DVD Shrink!

Now here is a interesting site that will let you backup your DVD’ disc. There have been a lot of tools in the past that would do this but this is the first one I have seen in a while. [DVD Shrink]

Google Talk activates XMPP server-to-server communications

For those of you that are the Geeks you understand the importance of this development. It is obvious at least in this initiative that Google wants to kick the utilization of Google Talk (GTalk) into a higher playing field.

For a more detailed explanation here is a quote from the original article at []

“Basically GTalk can now communicate with users of other Jabber/XMPP servers — before GTalk was limited to only other GTalk users. This does not mean communication between MSN, Yahoo, or AOL because these services all use difference protocols. A full explination can be found on the website here.”

Ajax Whois

Are you tired of going to network solutions or loading a secondary application to do whois lookups. But let me tell you their is relief in this Ajax application that you can use and you can download the source. [Ajax Whois]