GNC-2012-03-29 #754 Tech News and Info

How many hours a week do you work, I read that working more than 49 hours a week is excessive.. I guess I have been working excessive hours for the past 30 years… Full stack of Tech News and Info. Heads up will be looking for someone to do the show on Monday as I do not think I will get into Indy early enough to do the show.

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Links to all the articles talked about in this Podcast are on the GNC Show Notes Page [Click Here]

GNC-2009-06-25 #488 Undisclosed Eastern Seaboard Location

From a road weary podcaster dealing with crappy Internet in hotel after hotel, I catch you up on what I have been up to and bring you some great tech news. Back to Hawaii on Saturday for an extended period.

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Listener Links:
Hawaii Affiliate Tax
ISS Timeline
Enceladus Watery Moon
Secrets of Ringed Planets
FTC Monitor Bloggers
Jobs Liver Transplant
Rogers allow iPhone Tethering

Show Topic Notes:
Multi-Process Firefox Demo Video
Android new SDK
Apple yanks adult content application.
Windows 7 Pricing
Palm App Catalog 30 Apps, 1 Million Downloads
iPhone Video Rig
HP iPhone Application Scientific Calculator
Jailbreak iPhone 3.0 Version
YouTube Uploads Explode!
Pirate Bay no Retrial on Bias
Google Voice Invites on the way!
Popular iPhone Apps less than 5%
Richard Marx speaks out on RIAA
3GS Speed Test
MySpace Tail Spin?
OLPC for old Laptops
Facebook Privacy Switch
Atlantis may need to be tour apart!
Judge says Extend Copyright for Newspapers!
Town tells ASCAP / BMI to go away!

GNC-2007-08-24 #296

Vacation has went Terrific very productive, late start on the show tonight. Big thanks to all of the shows sponsors the support has been terrific.

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Tech Podcast Round Table Saturday
Lunar Eclipse

Show Notes:
Connect to WiFi in London get Arrested
FCC Sets 700Mhz Auction Date
SoundExchange Drops DRM Requirement
Firefox Ad-Blocker
FCC wants Cable TV via Ala Carte review
Next Gen iPod running OS-X?
13 Billion P2P Damage?
NASA Photo, Movie and Graphics Archive
YouTube Fans Not Happy with Video Ads
iPhone Hardware Unlock
Huge Gaping Hole in Universe
Attacks on Windows Machines with ServerProtect
Taxi Drivers to Strike over GPS
DTV Coming!
Paypal Site gets a face lift
Univ Tennessee Students Fighting RIAA
Saturn Electric Rings Weird
Fly 1st Class at Coach Prices
Moon Image
School Uniform with Embed GPS
Voyager at 30

GNC-2007-02-13 #242

Next stop the Windy City and a special podcast from Chicago with the RawVoice Crew and Mom. Great show tonight with lots of great links and tidbits

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Listener Links:
10 Vista Myths
Meizu M8
Meizu M8 #2
Bootlegging Bootleggers Bootlegged
Are you a Minesweeper Adict?
NAB Podcasting Summit

Show Notes:
Do you care about RSS?
IDG to go Digital
OS X on Windows Machine Possible!
WiFi for Criminals
Walmart Sleeping with Microsoft

Google Radio Ads
Google Supplemental Index?
Using DOS in Vista
400 Million in Podcast Ads?
Nokia Video Podcatcher
YouTube Classic Shows
Google helps Pirates get Rich!
Nokia E90
Steve Jobs DRM Bait
$100 EMI DRM Challenge
Firefox Support Site Version 2.0
Get Traffic without Search Engines!
Azuerus calling home to Mama or the RIAA?
Cell Phones DRM PlayforSure
P2P Effect on Music Sales
Javascript Widgets, Plugins etc
Veoh Re-Launch
ISS temp loss of Power!
Saturn Moon Spray?
Beta Test Windows Home Server
Given MP3 by Mistake
Universal and no Fair Use! Website Escapades