RCA Introduces New Charging Solutions for Mobile Devices at CES

RCA 2-AC:2-USB Wall PlateRCA announced five new additions to their line of charging solutions at CES. These solutions are designed to make customers feel at ease when their mobile devices are in the battery “red zone” knowing a full charge is possible anywhere. These new chargers are compatible with a variety of mobile and portable devices and designed to blend in seamlessly with the home or office.

The 2-AC/2-USB Wall Plate has a simple design that will blend right into any room. The wall plate adds two USB ports offering a total of 3.4 amp charging without compromising any AC outlets in your home. It is $21.99.

RCA 8-Port Tabletop Charging Station

The 8-Port Tabletop Charging Station ($99.99) is ideal for the office or boardroom where multiple devices often need to charge during long meetings. The ultra-fast 2.4 AMP charging port allows up to eight devices to charge simultaneously, utilizing 96 Watts of charging power, in a compact tabletop format.

RCA International Power Adapter

Those who do a lot of traveling will find the International Power Adapter ($24.99) useful. It has a USB port that allows travelers to power and charge laptops and mobile devices from anywhere in the world with a 2.1Amp fast charge USB port. All components are built into the product, eliminating the risk of misplacing pieces or adapters when traveling.

RCA Portable Backup Battery

The RCA Portable Backup Battery ($19.99) instantly powers a smartphone for one full charge. It is small enough to fit into a pocket or bag and can go anywhere. This one is great for when your mobile device hits the “red zone” of battery life.

RCA Car Charger

The RCA Car Charger with Built-in Cables provides ultra-fast charging with built-in Apple Lightning ($24.99) or micro-USB ($14.99) cable. Both are 6′ in length. The additional USB port provides an additional charging solution for smartphones, tablets, and Android devices.

Visit RCA at Booth # 10406 in the Central Hall at CES.

RCA Introduces the “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna at CES

RCA logoRCA is the original pioneer of color television and antenna technologies. They continue to challenge consumers to “cut the cord”. Their “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna can help you to do that.

The “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna is superior in UHF performance as well as optimized for VHF high use frequency. This allows consumers to receive free local news, sports, weather, and popular TV show broadcasts and to break from expensive cable subscription bills.

RCA AIR UltraThin AntennaThis antenna takes things to the next level. The “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna has adapted market leading reception technology for consumer amplification with a double sided/layered reception element to maximize and strengthen broadcast signals. The element is the portion of the antenna that is responsible for receiving the signal (much like “rabbit ears”).

However, in the “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna, the elements are not visible. This highly intricate antenna is double layered where signals broadcast on the same frequency allowing them to strengthen each other, rather than cancel each other out.

RCA AIR UltraThin Antenna in useLike other RCA models, the “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna uses SmartBoost amplification to strengthen week signals and deliver purer channel quality making it easier for the consumer to tune in. SmartBoost provides just the right amount of amplification to let consumer watch their favorite shows from NBC, CBS, ABC and other broadcast networks.

Visit RCA at Booth # 10406 in the Central Hall at CES 2015.

RCA Model LED32A32A30RQ TV

I recently picked up the 32 inch RCA model LED32A30RQ TV. It has a resolution of 1366x 768 and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It has the following connections:

  • 1 RCA component video input
  • L/R Audio input for component
  • 1 RCA composite video input
  • 1 L/R Audio input for composite
  • VGA input
  • Audio input for VGA
  • 4 HDMI connections
  • 1 Digital audio output
  • 1 Analog output
  • 1 earphone jack

The fourth HDMI connection was a pleasant surprise because the description says only 3 HDMI connections, although the specifications say four HDMI inputs (it is a little confusing). The HDMI connections and the analog audio output are on the side panel. On the bottom panel are the rest of the connections. The HDMI connections are a little cramped and because the panel is dark it is hard to get things connected, unless you have good lighting. The other big complaint I have is with the sound coming directly from the TV it is really tinny. However, connected to a receiver or sound system it sounds great. I think the picture is fine, however I haven’t been able to do a full calibration yet. When you switch from output to another there is a bit of delay, but it is not too bad. The hardest part of the setup was trying to figure out how to connect to the stand, the directions weren’t very clear.

After having it for a couple of weeks, my husband and I are both really happy with this TV it is perfect for a small room. At $264.00 including taxes the price couldn’t be beat, it was originally almost $400.00. I ordered it right on time, because by the time it arrived 3 days later it was sold out and is now no longer available through Wal-Mart. In fact I can’t find it for sale on any site. If you do find it for sale and have a small room, I recommend you pick it up.

RCA Introduces Android TV

At CES 2011 RCA unveiled their version of Android TV – yes, a TV that runs not Google TV, but Android itself.  It’s not available yes, but it’s well into development  – far enough that they could show it off at their booth.  In fact, they are talking about a possible Fall 2011 release.  The big selling point for an Android TV is obviously apps.  That’s what everyone found so lacking in the recent Google TV rollout – the lack of any apps to allow users to customize the devices.

Internet connected TV’s, on their own, are becoming more and more common and have certainly come a long way since the first ones that featured Yahoo widgets only a few years ago.  Now with Android being ported to the big screen it could be a whole new step forward for the connected living room.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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