GNC-2010-07-23 #595 It’s a Hoax Mom!

Sorry Mom you got sucked in by a long running hoax. Special show recording times for next two shows will get started about 6pm EST or 3pm PST hope you will join me for a early live recording. A lot of positive things happening at RawVoice more when I can but for now I have to sit on it.. Thanks to all the long time listeners and all the new viewers this grand experiment continues to grow beyond belief!

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Solar that works at night.
Flipboard is great but is it legal?
Limited data helps AT&T bottom Line!
Website Navigation.
YouTube Life in a Day Project!
West happier than the East?
More attacks on Microsoft products.
Students $29.00 Windows 7!
Cell Phone for a Porche via Craigslist.
Netflix Streaming Exploding!
No More IP addresses.
60 day Chrome release cycle.
Beautiful keyboard at a big price!
Mammoth Sun 300x ours!
vBulletin Forum Operators Beware.
BP Picture Doctoring again?
1 in 13 in world on Facebook.
Pharmacy Robot.

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Popbox Initial Reaction

You all know my excitement for Over the Top TV due to our overwhelming success so far with our Roku channels, heck thousands of you are watching my show on the Roku every day. Since January we have known the Popbox was coming, and my team at RawVoice really wanted to have channels ready for the device. Sadly we did not get invited to their developers program until just recently, even after personal chats with the Popbox folks at both CES and SXSW. I was told at SXSW that the device would have a lot of premium, high value content on it, and that is how they were going to set themselves apart from the competition.

Yesterday when I received the Popbox that I purchased on Amazon I was surprised to find that the unit did not come with WiFi, and that they had a second model available that had a WiFi Dongle for an extra $20.00. My advice to Popbox kill the wired only model no one wants to run cables. So today after stringing a network cables to get it hooked to the network on my big screen here are my thoughts about 60 minutes into playing with it.

First shocker only 10 channels, plus no Netflix that was promoted back in January? Our competitor in the space Mediafly was not in the channel list either which we fully expected so I am not sure what the deal is with that. Does that indicate that Popbox does not want any user generated content on the device? Time will tell. While I understand they are promoting this box as a media center of sorts to play your pictures and your personal media. They could have had at least four more channels from us if they would have gotten us into their developer program.

When I loaded the Channel from Revision Three, the videos loaded pretty fast resulting in a pretty good experience, the one thing I did notice is that the menu system required me to do a lot of clicking to change channels and get to content. You have to exit each channel,  then load the next, it is not easy to quickly navigate the menu system.I am sure this is a limitation of the software running the device.

I loaded the YouTube application, went to my show channel, clicked on my latest show and guess what it never played. I played some other YouTube videos, and they are simply slow to start,  it appears to me that they are not using the flash media, but instead are using the physical media file. Probably the reason my show did not load is that the file I send to YouTube is over 900 megs.

Other videos in other channels loaded and played ok, the video quality is pretty good. I am sure that the Popbox folks will face the same challenges that the Roku folks did, but the Roku now has tons of content/channels. If the barrier to entry on channel development costs to be in the Popbox are as high as they are to be in the Roku then I am gonna have to really weigh my options on whether we develop for this device or not in lieu of the Vudu etc.

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, they are going to have to get a lot more channels in the device in a hurry. Google TV is coming and in order to compete they are going to have to get a lot of content in their that makes it worthwhile for folks to purchase.

GNC-2010-07-16 #593 Yes a Orange Shirt?

Can you believe planning is already underway for CES 2011. Crazy as it may sound we have our first meeting on Saturday.. We are really ramping it up this year by adding a 4th component to the content. Lots of tech news tonight and hopefully the oil leak remains sealed until they can get a final fix in. What a mess there will be to clean up now. How are the Audio levels on this show better?

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Insider / Ohana Links:
Pretty Shocking at First.
Solar Flares Coming.

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Clear Channel wants more Radio Stations due to Internet.
Location Services & Privacy.
Tour the F35.
AMD makes Some Money.
Google to show search source?
Nice to be Free ehh!
Is your company Social?
Droid X on the Street.
Ford Sync and Nuance.
Mercury Fly By.
Senate finalize NASA Budget.
Audible iPhone App.
Aussie Lasers to Track Space Junk.
No Safety in Anonymity.
Mess with Droid get Bricked.
Three Strikes on YouTube.
DNA Collection Dilemma.
17.6 Million to get 390,000?
Firefox Home.
New Sony Camcorder with lenses.
Popbox ready to ship.
Elgato Turbo H.264 HD
Aegis Bio Hard Drive.

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Popbox IPTV Media Portal CES 2010

Popbox is bringing to market a new IPTV Media Portal that will bring choice to consumers in content that they can consume on their  home television set. Every device that is brought to the market that gives consumers a choice on how they consume online content empowers content creators to bring new content online worthy of your viewing time. I personally will be ordering one of these devices as soon as they are available to the market place.

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GNC-2010-01-04 #541 Live from Vegas

No the Video below is not the show. I was all Yellow for the show, gonna blame it on the macbook. Lots of Video content on the blog over the next couple of weeks. If you want to get the videos automatically in your media player, you must subscribe to the Special Media feed. Sometimes the Videos embeds will be on the blog faster than the download is available in RSS. You can subscribe with the info on the second column of the website..

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Show Notes:
Google Calendar, Twitter Security Bug!
RIAA 675K Verdict Appealed.
Mobile Firefox RC1
Flash Videos out of Sync?
Garmin adding GPS Features.
TiVit device for IPTV for iPhone!
PopBox to compete with Roku!
Skiff Reader by Sprint!
What way do you want them to test it.
Hot Startups by Scoble.
What do you want to know about Ford?
Pretty People club kicks out Pretty People?
Apple to ship Tablets “Really who Cares?”
Spirit at 6 end may be near.
Kepler finds 5 Jupiter Like Planets.
Chrome on the Move!
Times are changing 3g and Wimax to rescue.
Cable TV is doomed!
Justice wants FCC to take frequencies back!
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