GNC-2005-10-18 #109

Well this is as close as we get to our one year anniversary, some reflections and my concerns on were podcasting is headed and some long tail issues surrounding bandwidth and being able to afford the continued growth rate of shows. Talk about some of the plans for Podcast Expo and the Podcast Awards. I have a great lineup of stimulating content for you to sink your teeth into.

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Pez MP3 Player
List of Web based Applications!
LaunchBar for Mac

Show Links
State of Blogsphere
Laser Printer Finger Print!
Virtual WiFi ๐Ÿ˜‰
Inform! Firefox Support Sucks :( Ping Rollover!
Beyond MonoCulture
Norway Microsoft Train Wreck!
Weblogs Inc Google Adsense review!
Google Updates Privacy Policy!
TV Paradigm Shift!
Podcast why Weblogs Inc sold to AOL!
Media Advertising on Blogs!
TechDirt InfoAdvisor
Spyware what you need to know!
Windows Media Player 11 Screenshot!
Podcast Academy Schedule!
China Homes
Chris Pirillo top 10 Blogspot Suggestions :)
Robin Good New Media Picks!

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GNC-2005-07-26 #85

With any luck the Space shuttle will be kick the tires an light the fires and be headed back to the International Space Station. Enjoy the show and send those promos to No decision on the introduction selection we will be experimenting with them over the next few shows as voting is neck and neck

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