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GNC-2009-09-17 #512 Back in the Swing

Posted by geeknews at 10:28 PM on September 17, 2009

Back in the swing and adjust mixer is on my travel checklist. Huge amount of news tonight including some very controversial stories that will get your hair ruffled. Heading back to Hawaii on Saturday regular studio show next week.

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Listener Links:
Verizon Hangs up on Land Line Business
Do Living cells make Noise?
Show Lacing iPhone App?

Show Links:
Congrats to Podcast Alley 5 Years!
Startups are not just about changing the world!
RIAA funding copyright education on schools.
Students get Windows 7 for $30.00
Tips from TechCrunch50
Is Photoshop is being bypassed!
Grand Central and CL Dispatch!
Zune HD Review.
JaJah plus Twitter.
AT&T Buys Spectrum!
What’s wrong with this Picture? ;)
Is Apple calling App developers now?
Some Developers get App hotline Telephone number!
Dan Lyons insults Twitter users!
Mac users switching to Windows 7
Zune Appa
Apple 9 Update Perspective.
Music Industry Insanity Continues!
Convert iPhone to Blackberry.
Lunar Orbiter comes up with the goods!
Worldwide Gaming Pandemic?
Sprint to dump more money into Clearwire.
Newspaper dimes out anonymous poster!
HP Windows Home Server Upgraded.
iPhone Jailbreaking tool updated!
Japanese Cargo Carrier docs at ISS!
Arctic Ice Melt Off
Google Publishing!
GPS Tracking Approved!
Wall Street Journal Pay or no Play!
Podcamp Montreal!
Chris Pirillo Interviews Me!

GNC-2008-01-29 #343

Posted by geeknews at 11:25 PM on January 28, 2008

The show today is produced on the road and would love to here your feedback on audio quality. Also those of you with Zunes please read the link below critical information for you!

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Zune Users Listener Critical Link To Read

Listener Links:
Japan Hacker Arrest
Net Meter is Running
Google Domain Tasting
Twitter Client Software
Solar for Home?
Cool Earth Solar

Show Notes:
Podcamp Schedule
iPod Touch Software Update Cost Money?
Open Office 3
Technology Overload
Gene Pain Theraphy
Weird Places
Do you Read?
Symantec Guide to Internet Security
Is the Earth Core Softer?
Software Tool Reduces Vista Overhead
Global Amazon MP3
iPhone SDK Leaked
Windows 7 20011 versus 2009?

Cut the Methane Please
Mini Bar the calls home to Mama
Google Penalties Updated
Scoble and Mark Zuckerberg
Shel Israel

25 Million Free Songs Part 1
25 Million Free Songs Part 2
Lego at 50
Target tells Blogger we don’t talk to Bloggers!
Podcast Faq a great Podcast Resource
Google and Domain Tasting
Telco Immunity held up in Congress
Asteroid Images
NYC Bermuda Triangle

GNC-2007-10-23 #311

Posted by geeknews at 3:37 AM on October 23, 2007

I get serious about what is happening in the Tech Blogging space and this Monkey business that Comcast is up to! Are you ready to get it on!

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Listener Links:
Amazing Photos
AT&T 700mhz and Aloha
Ubuntu Home Server
Clearwire PC Card for Mobile Broadband
Comcast Blocking Traffic
Windows Live Mail Desktop Component

Show Notes:
Steve Ballmer Interview
GreenPeace just trying to get Buzz
Surviving a Digg Effect on WordPress
Nice Space Image
GPS cuase NYC Taxi Drivers to Strike Again
13 Bargain Websites
100 Podcamp Topics
250,000 Unlocked iPhones
Comcast Says they are not Blocking Traffic Yea Right!
What your kids say online can hurt you!!
Cannon Microcam
Soviet Launch Facilities Like Mailman
RIAA fighting to pay Attorney Fees
Dave Winers New way to View News
New Zune Nov 13th
Walt Mossberg Please release me!!
Samsungs new 1 cm Monitors
Soyuz Lands after Wild Ride home from ISS
Wireless SD card
Big Media Pulling out of YouTube (Good Riddance)
Verizon FIOS Announcement Today
New Trans-Pacific Fiber Cable
Shuttle to try and Launch this Morning
More RSS Tampering
Gen X better learn some Skills

Caught my Eye:
Hotlist Shaving Creams
Reduce Gasoline Consumption
25 Skills All Men should Have
Only in Japan

GNC-2007-01-30 #238

Posted by geeknews at 2:33 AM on January 30, 2007

Almost no show tonight had a blazing headache but I have a pile of content for you today and of course we talk about the Vista launch.

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Show Notes:
Quicktime Bugs
Hubble in Trouble
YouTube to Pay
Verizon Fiber Rollout
Mars Water
Vista Launch
WordPress Themes
Top 100 Search Engines
PS3 – 25% Off
Vista Photos
Over Clock Oil Idiot
PodCamp Atlanta
500 Million
SlingBox Buyers Beware