GNC-2012-03-22 #752 The Crud Strikes!

Hey folks have a serious case of the crud but the show must go on.. Probably better to listen to this one versus watch ;). Minor schedule changes on my Indy trip but a log going on here getting ready for the new quarter.

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Links to all the articles talked about in this Podcast are on the GNC Show Notes Page [Click Here]

GNC-2009-12-08 #534 OhanaSaurus Makes its Debut

Ok folks I give you the 411 on what happened on the last show. Plus we name the new Skype machine OhanaSaurus. Lot’s to share everything from the Podcast Awards to the 24hr Podcast and whole lot of Tech. You will not want to miss the next shows and our the events happening this weekend. Listen to win lots of cool contest going on as well.

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Listener Links:
Amazon Kindle Extended Warranty!
Verizon and FCC or Fee Increases.
MagicJack Complaints #1
MagicJack Complaints #2
MagicJack Complaints #3
Amazon bringing stores to UK?
Jacks review on Antivirus Application reviews!

Show Notes:
Now this is a Plug Upgrade!
Boxee gets serious about Media Distro!
Boxee introduce D-Link Media Partner.
New portable braille device for vision impaired.
What Electronics have you broken Lately?
Draft 24hr Podcast Schedule!
Hawaii Clear Wimax not living up to Hype?
Sprint Wimax and horrible 3g Performance on U300 device!
What are your 2010 predictions?
Is Google killing companies?
Some cool Geek Gifts.
Large file transfer services overview.
10 Single Guy iPhone dating applications.
Windows 7 Family Pack RIP?
Canadian Artist go after money owed through lawsuit!
What exactly does Comcast Already own?
Did someone say 1 Gig WiFi?
Balloon Hunt Challenge MIT cleans up!
Electric Cars and no place to plug in?
Virgin Galactic 2
Hey lets do a 400k Fundraiser 2 Geeks to Fly?
Would you pay 200k to have 5 minutes in Space?
NASA iPhone Application a Winner.
Do we really trust Nielsen?
AT&T gives users way to complain via App.
JooJoo sounds like Matel Toy for my Kid.
WPA password cracking service?
Lets swap fingerprints?
FCC to go after closed cable settop boxes!
Is Science Fiction once more coming true?
See how the world provides funny twists.
Wired JooJoo review.
Twitter, Facebook, MySpace live Search on Google.
What will you remember when your 90!
Google Goggles!

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GNC-2009-09-22 #513 In Studio H

I am back in Studio H, the tooth fairy, or someone shipped me a JVC ProHD camera thanks but care to let me know who sent it? Is it time for a clothing sponsor for the show? Lot’s of tech news folks and I get you caught up on what has been happening. Nice to be back in the studio here in Hawaii with better bandwidth than what hotels offer up. Possible appearance at Podcamp Philly!

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Listener Links:
UK Stephen Fry on File Sharing Lecture.
Archos 9
More Microsoft Student Discounts on Windows 7.
Google swings back at Apple over Google Voice Application!

Show Links:
Is Amazon Going to be an Online Walmart?
Boys and there Toys (Want One)!
56MB/ps HSPA coming in 2010!
Seagate 2TB 64mb cache 7200 rpm drive is smokin!
FCC Major Net Neutrality Initiative outlined!
Comcast not Happy with FCC Anouncement!
FCC Lays out 6 objectives that they want put into law!
Verizon and AT&T say no way for Wireless on FCC Announcement!
FCC Fights back over Comcast P2P throttling court submission.
Our Online data slowly goes away!
AT&T 3GS Microcell.
Archos 5 Tablet is simply smoking!
Do you do Graphics Work? Have a online Portfolio?
iPhone App ported to Zune in 12 hours?
20+ Useful Mac Applications.
Ubuntu boots in 5 seconds with SSD?
Is VC Money going way of Dinosaur?
Five things that drive iPhone users crazy!
Griffin Kids Headphones!
MySpace two way Twitter (Yawn).
File Sharing up in UK Despite Music Industry Growth?
Patent Trolls play hardball against outer!
12 Super Radical Ideas!
Saturn Rings in 3d?
Dell buys Perot Systems 3.9 Billion!
Nine ways to Increase RT on Twitter!
Smart Meters save consumers 40% on Power!
Northern Ice Caps start to Freeze!
Colleges going online will your kids stay home to go to school?
Old Article 35 iPhone Apps.
Facebook does deal with devil whoops Nielsen :)
Are Twitter DM really Private?
Tech companies with lots of cash to start M&A?

GNC-2009-05-04 #474 You have to Watch to Win!

You have to watch to win! Video link is in the show notes.  One more show here in Honolulu before I take the show on the road. It will be a very busy May and June as farmers say you have to make hay while sun shines. No locked in travel plans yet for listener meet-ups but will advise when I can. Tonight’s show has some incredible stories that will cause your eyebrows to raise.

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Listener Link Submissions:
Vista SP2 Pre-Beta
Broadband Operating Cost
Nielsen Ratings Sued

Show Topic Notes:
Firefox hits projected 270 million users.
Verizon says WiFi for all broadband customers through Boingo.
Should startup founders Starve?
Video Embed Widgets to control your own brand!
Some really great Flickr Search Tools from Mashable.
Amazing Story of a Rouge Botnet controlled by Good Guys.
Parental Control on the iPhone.
Control your own short url service don’t pay for it!
New Amazon Reader on Wednesday supposed to be Big!
YouTube say NO ads in Your own Videos!
Nettica suffers DDOS that shuts down thousands of Websites!
Sprint customers are leaving in droves bleeding red ink everywhere!
LexisNexis waits 5 years to tell customers of Serious Security breach?
MPAA and RIAA site feature TorrentFreak content through XSS hack!
Who have you shared your email password with lately?
16 Drupal Clones which are great if you can find someone to design a template!
The true cost of Bandwidth that the ISP’s don’t want you to know about.
Time to get rid of some space junk with sails!
Limwire tells Congress that Limewire 5 shares nothing without notification.
Hubble repair crew ready to fly!
Can digital paper save the newspaper industry.. In a word NOPE.
Ex RIAA Lawyer at DOJ to work RIAA cases after 1 year?
193 Lasers to Ignite and create Mini Star???????? Why????

GNC-2007-12-07 #323

Join us for the Christmas Round Table on this Saturday. Looking for a camerman for CES let me know if you are Interested.

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Listener Links:
Couch Surfing in Maui
Very Cool Bendable Lights
Mike’s Site
MPAA Software Violation

Show Notes:
Asa Smacks IE8 Team
MRI Lie Detector
Open Wifi must Spy
Facebook Messages complete in Email :)
New State of Matter
Extended Warranties Poll
Microsoft XP and OLPC Laptops
Chinese Lunar Images a Fake?
Nikon D3 Pictures!
Third Party SMS & MMS for iPhone
Ring Bell when you get a Hit :(
Gamespot Debacle
Technorati RIP?
Understanding OpenID
Google Shared items in Google Reader
Amazon Kindle some think Fraud
Apple New Products
AT&T pulls a fast one!
SmugMug Video & Picture Sizes
Facebook Stealing Employees
Patch Tuesday has 7 total patches with 3 Critical
Shuttle Launch Delayed
Google Charts
Big Telco wants to Spy on You
Netflix in Trouble with USPS
Website Editor Bounty on Name of Writer
Nielsen Copyright Police
MPAA wants ISP to spy on your Usage
Copyright Penalties go way Up!
Facebook Founder tries to Apologize for Beacon
17 Year Old working for NASA

Gems I Found:
Water Usage
Best Frozen Pizza
The Police know a lot about You
Rent or Buy Some say Rent