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Boost Your Connectivity With Netgear’s Universal WiFi Range Extender

Posted by Alan at 1:58 PM on January 8, 2011

If you have a large area to cover with your WiFi router then you have probably experienced “dead zones” in parts of your home, or at the least, areas of low connectivity.  You may have looked into ways to solve this and discovered Repeaters, which can be finicky to get working correctly and compatibility with your current router can be problematic or non-existent.   Those problems may be solved by a new product coming out soon.  Among the things announced by Netgear at CES is the Universal WiFi Range Extender WN3000RP.

The WN3000RP is promising to eliminate “dead zones” and provide more network bandwidth for entertainment, gaming and social networking applications.  According to their press release:

If there are rooms in the house that have limited or no wireless coverage because they are too far away from the router, the Universal WiFi Range Extender boosts the existing WiFi signal in order to reach wirelessly to these ‘dead zones’ in the home. Consumers need to simply place the product between the router and areas of the home where additional WiFi access and bandwidth are needed for activities like video streaming on a tablet or smartphone.

Netgear is saying the Universal WiFi Range Extender is that it will be compatible with all existing routers – not just Netgear brand.  That’s a big leap forward over most existing Repeaters.  You can plug it into any standard electrical outlet in your home.  Even better you could move it around any time you need to.  It’s also compatible with all current wireless security methods.  Here are some of the hightlights.

  • Extend Network — Extend Internet access throughout your home for wireless devices like iPads®, iPods®, laptops, smart phones, game consoles and TVs
  • Enhance Existing Equipment — Keep your current equipment and improve coverage to eliminate wireless “dead zones”
  • Plug-and-play — Sets up in minutes, no need to insert a CD or plug in Ethernet cables
  • Push ‘N’ Connect — Push ‘N’ Connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup® (WPS) connects computers and/or routers to the Extender quickly and securely
  • Optimal Coverage — Link-rate LED locates the best placement spot to provide optimal wireless coverage
  • Compatible — Works with any wireless b/g/n router or gateway from NETGEAR and other brands
  • Superior Security — Works with all security standards including WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, mixed mode and WEP
  • Connect — Ethernet port allows the Extender to function as a bridge to connect to home theater devices
  • NETGEAR Green features — Power on/off button, 80% recycled packaging

The Universal WiFi Range Extender should be available in March of this year for an MSRP of $99.99.  I have not yet seen any pre-ordering available, but it’s likely that Amazon and others will make that available soon.