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MWE Lab Emperor 1510 Compresses an Office into One Object

MWE Lab has taken all of the elements of an office and compressed them down into one ergonomic object.  MWE stands for Modern Work Environment and they spent about three years designing the Emperor 1510 to make it a place that, according to their spokesperson, a worker can spend 10-12 hours without feeling any fatigue.  That’s a strong statement, so what do they have that makes this so special?

It starts with contoured chair that works like a futuristic recliner with buttons to control it’s angle and tilt.  There is a tray around in front of the user and hold the keyboard and control buttons.  There are three LCD screens arrayed in front of you that can also be angled to whatever the user’s preference is.  Buttons on the arm of the chair also control the volume and pretty much everything else.  There is even a drink holder for that finishing touch.

You can see a demo from MWE Lab rep Gianni in the video below.  The Emperor 1510 is available now for U.S. $6,200.  You can order directly from their web site, but they are hoping have U.S. distributors in place soon.

Interview by Jon Wurm of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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