Monster MVP Carbon headphones

monster logoMonster is known for its audio cables, but the company produces other products as well. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show Product Manager Elbert Lee dropped by TPN to talk a bit about it.

The company has partnered with Electronic Arts (EA), the popular game manufacturer. Monster is producing new high-end caming headphones like the MVP Carbon, which is EA-branded and powered by Monster. The new headphones come in both black and white colors and are for more than just gaming — you can easily use it for Skype, Music and more. The MVP Carbon is even so flexible that it can be folded up. The cable and mic are also removable. It has debuted at $269 retail.

Interview by Nick DiMeo of F5 Live and Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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Applying for a Job? LinkedIn, Monster Update Job Options.

Last week, we learned that updated their website with new power search features for recruiters. Today, LinkedIn updated their site for website owners to create a button to apply through their service. With these new options, will finding and applying for jobs be easier?

Monster’s See More Option

Monster See More

Monster See More last week revamped their website. They added a great new feature for recruiters to find more qualified applicants . After all, a new resume is added every 2.3 seconds. Their platform, called “SeeMore” lets recruiters search by skills and experience. Therefore, the more you have your resume filled with exact detail, the more you will move to the top of a list.

“With the introduction of SeeMore(TM), we are transforming recruitment and talent management by taking our state-of-the-art 6Sense semantic search and applying it to resumes beyond Monster,” said Sal Iannuzzi, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Monster Worldwide. “Employers can now assess their company’s talent databases in one central location so everyone can be found easily, regardless of their point of origin. This, paired with the benefits of semantic search and analytics, enables companies to be more precise about their talent matching needs, reduce the time and cost of acquiring and managing talent, and improve the quality of hires.”

Apply with LinkedIn Button

Apply with LinkedIn

Apply with LinkedIn

This morning, LinkedIn has announced the launch of a new option: Apply with LinkedIn. It’s a new plugin that enables employers to create a button on their sites for job seekers to easily submit their LinkedIn profile for job opportunities.

So let’s say you are on a website that has a job opportunity with the Apply on LinkedIn button. When you select it, you are applying through your LinkedIn profile. That way, you don’t have to sit down and fill out every field again and again for the job.

“In this challenging jobs environment, LinkedIn’s ability to connect talent with opportunity at massive scale is more essential than ever. Apply with LinkedIn is the next phase of our open platform effort and we hope an important catalyst in creating economic opportunity for our members,” said Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn.

Best part – If I am a small mom and pop shop that needs one employee, I can use this button instead of saying “Email me your resume”, or come in to apply. The button works just like other buttons on your own website, like the twitter button or Facebook like button.

Both of these options are ways we can take job searches to the next level. Will recruiters find viable job applicants? Will the quality of employees become more prevalent? Only time will tell…

Bye Buzz – Yahoo Buzz that is

Y Buzz

Y Buzz

Yahoo! continues to condense the Yahoo! Giant. This time, it’s Yahoo! Buzz – the Digg-like site that aggregates news articles. In a statement made on the website, it says:

Yahoo! Buzz will be discontinued as of April 21, 2011. As of this date, you will be unable to access the Yahoo! Buzz site. This was a hard decision. However this will help us focus on our core strengths and new innovations.

We appreciate your patronage.

The Yahoo! Buzz Team

In the last 6 months, Yahoo! has continued to close down properties. Yahoo! 360, MyBlogLog, AllTheWeb and more. All put in mothballs.

Some properties continue to thrive – for now. Delicious almost saw demise, but Yahoo! corrected by stating the bookmarking site is actually “For Sale” (unless it did get sold. Last time I heard, the sale was unofficial news). Other sites we saw for sale were Yahoo! HotJobs (sold to Monster) and it’s search engine (to Microsoft).

No word why Buzz isn’t getting sold. Maybe they tested the market waters and no one wanted it.

Do You have the Buzz Widget on your Website?

One thing to note – if you installed the Buzz widget on your site, you might want to take it off.

No, not the Google Buzz widget. That’s still around.

Yahoo! Buzz launched Feb 26, 2008 to tepid fanfare. They launched to counter Digg. Earlier this year when content farms got hit with a new Google algorithm, Digg had to restructure. I guess Yahoo just wanted to be done with it.


GNC-2009-03-24 #462 Last show before heading East

Ok Folks I am headed to the East Coast first stop Columbus Ohio for a podcaster meetup on Thursday. Also if you are user/podcaster we have a survey for you as we are getting ready to improve the site design and need some feedback.

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