GrandCare Systems

GrandCare System GrandCare Systems is a comprehensive software system that can be used to help caregiver monitor their love ones from a distant. It was originally created to help maintain social contact, through chats, email, pictures, video, games, reminders and things like local weather and news. Overtime it was discovered that it could also be used to monitor health conditions, such as glucose level, blood pressure, and other medical information. It can capture the information on site and in almost real-time. It does this through add ons such as a device that indicates when a pill-box has been open or when a scale has been used. These add ons are connected to the main device wirelessly. Alerts can be sent to the caregiver either through email or text message based on the need of the patient.

The GrandCare Systems is software based and it is built into a specific device at the present time. This is something they hope to change in the future so that the software can be used on various devices. The caregiver may access the alerts and information on any device. The base cost for the device and software is $600. There is an additional cost based on the number of add ons. There is also a monthly fee to for text messages and email to the caregiver.

If you have an elderly parent living alone, this can help you give you peace of mind.  Knowing that you can still care for them even if you are not there.

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Ideal Life

Ideal Life Ideal Life has a complete end to end wireless biometric monitoring systems to monitor chronic heath conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart problems. They allow the patient to be monitor daily outside a hospital environment. Currently they work directly with businesses, such as hospitals, insurer and home health care companies who then give the devices to patients as they are being discharge. This way the patient can be monitored daily, The more data that can be provided the better it is for both the patient and the doctor. This allows an action to be taken before a situation becomes an emergency. The idea is to cut down on readmission to the hospital. Which is a major cost for everyone involve including society.

Ideal Life is currently working on a direct consumer model. This model is being tested by their partners. The expected prices for the devices will be from $50 to 150.00. There will be a monthly data or software plan that will run from $10.00 to $20.00 a month. The release date for the direct consumer model was not given. More information is available at Ideal life Online. Ideal life also announced a new partnership with ADT, the home security system company.

Interview by Jamie Davies of the MedicCast and the Health Tech Weekly



LifeStation Web managed Pill box

From the CES 2012 floor, Jamie Davis from Promed Network talks with David from LifeStation about their new web enabled pill box for people on daily medications. The pill box had compartments for up to 4 doses a day and once full holds a week’s worth of pills. The pillbox doors flash when it’s time for that dose and if after a time, the door isn’t opened it starts beeping. If the person still doesn’t take their meds, it sends and email, text and automated phone call to the patient and their care giver. In tests, the pill box got a medication compliance of up to 92% (which is very good)

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Remote Monitoring/Home Automation

For several years, there has been a small but dedicated group of people experimenting in the world of what has been dubbed home automation. Until now, this field has been fragmented with clunky, often expensive products that don’t integrate well and often make the consumer jump through multiple hoops to even get them to work.

In a recent article I talked about installing a Nest remote-controlled thermostat in my house. The Nest thermostat has so far proven to MORE than live up to the promises made by its manufacturer. The Nest thermostat was remarkably easy to install and makes it amazingly easy to remotely monitor and control my home heating/air conditioning system via iOS or my Android smartphone. Once installed, the Nest simply works. The Nest is worth every penny of its $249 dollar price tag.

Now that I’ve lived with the Nest a while, I’m more excited than ever about the possibilities of remote monitoring, remote control, and home automation.

What I want next is a remote camera system that works with the absolute ease of the Nest thermostat and Nest app combination. The ideal remote camera system would offer at least 4 network-connected weatherproof cameras along with a controller/app system that could be set up with the no-muss, no-fuss ease that the Nest thermostat offers. I want to be able to open an app on an iOS or Android device/smartphone and have my remote camera views simply show up, perhaps with the ability to pan, zoom and tilt individual cameras if I wished right from within the app. Furthermore I don’t want to have to worry about firewalls or port-forwarding to try to get past my home router or ISP firewall

I would also like to be able to use my iOS device or Android smartphone to be able to remotely monitor my refrigerator.

Now that most of us are equipped with smartphones, I see a huge opportunity for a company or companies to step into the home automation/remote monitoring arena and fill the void. The standard to meet revolves around ease-of-use.