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angry birds

Last week Rovio released its Angry Birds Friends tournament -style game to the mobile world, making the popular bird-slinging, pig-killing game available to a wider audience. The Friends version had previously only been available on Facebook, but has now moved to both iOS and Android.

Today, the first full tournament gets underway — new ones will begin each Monday. Today though, something special is involved in the game. According to Rovio “if you play today you’ll see the incredible in-game marriage proposal made by one of our biggest fans”. The Finnish game maker goes on to explain that “a while ago a guy named Ben got in touch with an unusual request. He wanted to pop the big question to his long-term girlfriend Mel through Angry Birds! We jumped at the chance to bring these lovebirds together, and started building a custom-made level that featured Ben’s marriage proposal”.

While there have been no download statistics released for this latest Rovio game, it does appear as a featured app on the Google Play store. Combining the popular mobile game with the Facebook name should bode well for both companies.

Updated Facebook app coming to Windows Phone

Posted by Alan at 11:26 AM on April 30, 2013

Microsoft is now seeking beta testers for a new and updated version of the Facebook app for Windows Phone. Version 4.2.1 is still the current iteration on the mobile platform, but a new one is on the way. “Today we’re launching a new program designed to help speed up delivery of new features in the official Facebook app for Windows Phone and need sharp-eyed, energetic volunteers to download a beta version of our next release and tell us how to make it better” announces Microsoft’s Michael Stroh.

Users will find that the app is undergoing a major redesign and now includes several much-requested features, including new support for high-res photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline.

facebook beta for windows phone

Before you get too excited, Stroh cautions that if you “don’t like it when apps crash? This probably isn’t the program for you”. The good news is that you do not lose the current Facebook app if you decide to take the plunge then the beta will not replace the existing Facebook app, but instead run side-by-side with it.

Finally Mobile Streaming Becomes Truly Practical

Posted by tomwiles at 8:05 PM on April 23, 2013

I remember driving around back in the early 1980’s dreaming of what it might be like if I could listen to what I wanted when I wanted to. Back in those days, in many areas of the country, there was nothing to listen to but farm reports and hog prices. AM and FM stations would quickly fade in and out. Driving cross-country it was necessary to constantly change stations as they faded in and out, often vainly searching for something worthwhile to listen to.

When podcasting came along in 2004, in many ways it was the answer to that dream. Suddenly there was new content to listen to, on demand, on a wide variety of topics. It had to be downloaded and put onto a player in advance.

The past few years I’ve been experimenting with mobile streaming. For a long time, it just wasn’t practical in rural areas. Pandora would generally work better than all the other streaming services, but attempting to stream regular radio stations or even podcasts was generally not going to work.

However, now things have changed once again. With the widespread deployment of LTE mobile networks, successful casual streaming all kinds of different audio is not only possible, but practical in most of the areas I’m driving in. This opens up yet another new world of possibility.

Podcasting itself is a good case in point for something that came together because enough bandwidth was available. MP3 files had been around for a long time. Computers had already had the capability of recording digital audio for quite a number of years. RSS had been around for a while. All of these things converged and became something new.

Today I’m spending a lot of time with the Stitcher app on my Google Nexus 7 here in my truck, suction-cupped to the truck’s windshield and connected to stereo speakers via Bluetooth. Stitcher makes a great streaming mobile radio service. Now that the mobile data network is good enough in most areas to make streaming practical in the real world, new possibilities have opened up.

All of these things have been around a while. Stitcher is not new. The streaming concept has been around for quite a number of years. Podcasting as well has been around for probably at least nine years. What is different is now I don’t have to fuss with downloading them ahead of time. I really like the way stitcher lets you search for a keyword or two and then sequentially plays the different podcasts that showed up in the search. I find myself on a voyage of discovery, bumping in to podcasts I’ve never heard of. Because everything is on demand, like watching Netflix or Amazon streaming video, if I find an audio podcast I don’t like I simply skip ahead to the next one.

I can’t predict exactly how this will eventually develop. However, I can say, now that the mobile data bandwidth is a reality, there’s something here, and it’s pretty interesting. It beats the heck out of listening to farm reports or hog prices. It also beats having to fumble around with an iPod and auxiliary audio cables.

How do you recharge your phone’s battery when on the move?

Posted by Alan at 3:20 PM on April 3, 2013

Just a quick question for all of the GNC audience out there, because I want a true geek opinion on this and we have a web site full of them here. You see, I was thinking of ways to charge my smartphone while on the go — hiking and camping and the like. I am looking for the best solution and am curious what others use.

I had originally planned on grabbing something solar, thanks to the fact that we spend considerable time in the back country. But recently I came across a battery backup with 11,000 mAh of power and feel it may have the juice I need to at least get between hiking destinations — my son and I have aspirations to hike the AT in the near future and we could be spending days at a time out of range from both coverage and locations with power.

battery charger

So what is your go-to solution? What is best for someone heading to the middle of nowhere for days? Is solar or a battery pack the best option? Or should I consider taking both along? Perhaps the latter would be best for fail-safe purposes. I am also interested in knowing recommended brands and real-life usage by some of you. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Striker’s Simple Sucker is a cheap, universal phone mount

Posted by Alan at 8:56 AM on March 21, 2013

StrikerA couple of weeks back I took a look at one of two Striker products that I had recently ordered. The Light Mine turned out to be a great little tool for around the house, as I used it during a power outage yesterday, but I primarily intend to use it hiking and camping. The other product I picked up was called the Simple Sucker, which is a universal phone mount.

I had been in the market for a universal car mount ever since I purchased my Galaxy Nexus last year. My previous mount was built exclusively for the Motorola Droid X and is now obsolete. I didn’t want to invest in one like that again, plus my wife sometimes has a need for these things and she has a Nokia Lumia 822.

For $6.99 Striker sold me what may be the simplest solution of all — a two-way suction cup mount. The product is small and simple and initially I was worried that such a device could not hold onto my 4.7-inch screen phone. Those worries were, thankfully, unfounded.

Last week my wife had a trip to take and needed GPS for the journey. The Simple Sucker stuck to her windshield like glue and did the same with the back of her 4.3-inch Lumia, despite the phone also being in a case. She reported no problems with it on her journey.

Striker’s Simple Sucker, for only $6.99, worked every bit as well as dedicated car mounts that cost many times the price. It is also completely flexible, allowing you to angle the phone in any way you wish. It was certainly the best deal I have got in some time.


3M MP300 Mobile MHL Projector

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 5:26 PM on February 27, 2013

3M If you are a business traveler or maybe an app developer, and you want to show off your app or device to a client. They like what they see and they want to show to their partner, pretty soon you are passing your iPad or iPhone around a circle, which can get awkward after a while. 3M is offering a new solution a mobile projector, the 3M MP300 Mobile Projector.

This mobile projector is a sixty lumens projector and can project up to eighty inches in diameter. It will mirror your device instantly. It is a plug and play projector. It will work with a regular HDMI cord and also a HD-MHL device. With the MHL cord and a MHL capable device you can project an image and charge your phone or tablet at the same time. Many Android products especially those made by Samsung are MHL enable. This 3M projector is the only mobile projector with this capability.

The 3M MP300 Mobile Projector is available for around $250 on Amazon and at various retail locations. If you need a small mobile projector to carry with you and you have MHL compatible devices then the 3M MP300 Mobile Projector maybe the device for you.


Striker introduces new line of hand tools

Posted by Alan at 8:58 AM on February 26, 2013

striker logoStriker may be a name you are not familiar with, but the company has a line of small products that you will certainly want to check out. These are not “hand tools” for your work shop, but more for every day life.

Starting out, there is the Simple Sucker, which Jeffrey has fun with in the video below. This is a small device for holding your smartphone in place and at different angles. It can work on a desk, in your car and, apparently on skin as well. Striker also showed off rare-earth magnets with LED lights that can be placed at any angle, making them handy for working in tight spaces. It can sit on any surface, but since it is magnetic it can stick to things like the underside of a raised hood and shine down as you work on an engine. It comes in two sizes. Striker also unveiled a flexible light as well as a garage parking sensor that eliminates the need for the old practice of hanging a tennis ball to know where to stop.

Best of all, all of this retails for anywhere from $6.99 to $29.99. If you are interested then you can head over to Striker to learn more and shop for the products.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5 Live

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Kirk H & J shows off wireless mobile chargers

Posted by Alan at 10:38 AM on February 21, 2013

kirkhj chargerWireless charging has become a big deal lately. Being able to carry chargers around with us is a necessity in today’s battery hogging world of smartphones.

One company that is working on this task is Kirk H & J. A representative from the company stopped by TPN in Las Vegas to show off some products to Andy and Don. The chargers are super thing and come in different designs and colors. The devices do not use the expected induction, but instead rely on a proprietary method. The chargers are available for both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.

To get a full explanation of how all of this works and even more details, including a prototype mobile version,  you can check out the video posted below.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net and Don Baine, the Gadget Professor

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Topspot eco-friendly phone stands

Posted by Alan at 10:03 AM on February 17, 2013

topspot logoThe vast majority of smartphones do not come with stands. The hardware makers prefer to sell you one separately or force you to go with a third-party maker. Those can be pricey, but Topspot has a solution, and its actually environmentally friendly.

The stands are made of cardboard and can easily be folded to fit in a wallet or pocket. It is also made out of recycled paper, making the product even more eco-friendly.

The company is a part of Art House United. The stands retail for $6, including shipping and customers can even design their own, making it a great giveaway item for businesses or a way to simply personalize one with something a like a picture of your kids.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Daniel J Lewis of  Audacity to Podcast

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Posted by Alan at 12:51 PM on January 27, 2013

myChargeWe have all been there — you are out and about and suddenly find that the battery in your smartphone has died. There are, of course, portable solutions for this. I spend a good deal of time hiking and camping in remote locations and have used a solar charger in the past to solve this problem, but it is a slow process.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, MyCharge unveiled a whole new line of portable charging solutions. Depending on your choice from the new lineup, you can potentially charge up to three devices at one time. There are a variety of choices and also a variety of colors and designs to suit everyone’s tastes.

The new line, which will include the Lightning connector for Apple, is expected to launch in the April-May timeframe. Depending on the charger you decide on, the price can range from $39 to $129.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network

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