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GNC #698 Need some More Cores!

Meetup in Albuquerque is Wednesday night details out tonight to those who have agreed to meetup.. Really need more cores on the road, time for a laptop update buy man really hate buying another PC you all know the drill. Show 700 Contest Details!

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Will GoogleTV Be The Winner In The Long Run?

The recent introduction of GoogleTV by Logitech and Sony has generated a lot of hype.  At the moment I am not so sure that it deserves it.  It’s nice and it looks useful, but I can do more with my HTPC and I don’t necessarily think it’s better than Roku or the upcoming Boxee Box.  And the Logitech box is pricey at $299 and Sony’s TV’s are going to be pricey as well.

But, I wonder about it down the road if Google chooses to really pursue it.  Let’s face it, they do drop things all the time as if they just lost interest.  But I doubt that GoogleTV will go that way.  There are too many partners and too much at stake.  All of the talk these days surrounds online TV and cord-cutting.  This is the future of entertainment and there are a lot of companies who want to control it – and none is more powerful than Google.

What I find interesting about Google’s play here is that, while companies like Roku build a box with apps, Google is creating a platform.  They aren’t building a box.  They created a platform to power everyone else’s boxes and other types of devices.  Logitech can make a box and Sony can make TV’s and Blu-Ray players, and Dish can make a box and they can all use Google’s platform.

One interesting thing I noticed was GoogleTV’s lack of support for tuner cards.  At first glance I thought it was an oversight or that maybe they were still working on it and it would come in an update.  But, after further thought, I am not so sure of that.  Do they want to try and force the revolt from traditional delivery?  Force the content to go online so that the cord becomes obsolete?  Maybe.  After all, why else would they not support tuners?  It would seem a no-brainer to try and get into cable company DVR’s.  But I can’t find anything that suggests the support will be coming.  And they have to realize that, while the crowd who visits sites like this may not mind having a DVR and separate box like GoogleTV, a large portion of the population doesn’t want two boxes and many won’t even understand the need.  Obsoleting DVR’s and forcing everyone online where everything will be on-demand certainly would be good for Google’s business…

Prices drop, sometimes quickly, once a new technology is out, so the initial prices of these offerings from Logitech and Sony aren’t a real concern to me.  For now I am happy with my current setup.  But I know big changes in media consumption are coming and I think building a platform may be the smarter bet in the long run.  The battle for our living rooms is heating up and it’s going to be fun to watch this fight unfold.

GNC-2010-04-20 #568 Murphy’s Law Strikes

My Faithful audio recording machine refused to record tonight, but we had the backup recording machine and everything went as planned. Congrats to Jeff that won the Ring Central contest and will get a years free worth of service. On Friday’s show we will give away the Roku to a lucky listener plus we will pick the iPhone application developer winner as well. Great show tonight with lots of great content.

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GNC-2009-11-17 #528 Little Rough Tonight?

Never let your Audio recorder start doing a Virus Scan in the middle of the show. 15 minutes had to be re-recorded tonight which sucks.. You know me no editing but when the audio was blank I had to do it twice. Probably better the second time around anyway.

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How the Video Presentation has Changed

Last night I went to a local awards ceremony. We sat there and watched as each winner was called off, came up and received their award. But what was cooler was how the presentation as a whole has changed from even 2 years ago.

You walk into the theatre and you saw the curtain with a screen attached to it. As the presentation started, the curtain rose and the band was playing. Behind them was the video of that band playing.

Band ends, curtain goes down and the Master of Ceremonies comes out. The first award is getting ready to present and they flash all the nominees on the screen in a Multimedia spectacular. The winner is announced and another presentation is displayed.

All of this is getting taped for television. Not for Major network release, but for local access channels. Best part is it won’t look like a recording coming from a VHS tape that was used and erased about 50 times – it will have the feel and look of a major awards ceremony.

I remember a few years back when we were going to re-do some videos at work. These were training videos that were first recorded in 1977 or something like that. Plaid jackets and video that was falling apart. We replaced that antiquated video production unit with a nice Sony DV camera.

Even some of the YouTube videos shot with a webcam have better production quality than a few years ago. We recorded SDRNews video of the CMSExpo last week with a Quickcam Pro 9000. What was even more interesting, that Saturday I stopped at Bucketworks – a community club for geeks in Milwaukee, WI – all their video was being shot and uploaded to uStream using the exact same cameras.

It’s what made the CES videos work so well. We were lugging around a big bulky camera, but the smaller cameras were giving just as much production. We also produced 3-4 times more content than just from one camera. You even got to see what it was like in the hustle-bustle of CES in Las Vegas.

All you need is 1-2 cameras, a Mac with CamTwist and you can produce a great show. Heck, you can even use a PC with SuperWebCam.

By the Way – I shot a Backchannel style channel using my AIPTEK HD camera, so you can get a feel of what it was like at the event. Gotta love the new age of Media.

BTW – The even was the Madison Area Music Awards. I did recieve an award last night for Unique Song of the Year with local artist Art Paul Schlosser.