GNC #666 My Wife wants What!

The month is winding down, but I could not be happier the team of writers at GNC have been kicking out some pretty awesome content. The refresh of the show formula so far is working and the feedback so far has been positive. I am on the search for existing talent across the new media space. Do you know of a show that is considered to be at the top of the class in their genre? If so I want to talk to them… Big thanks to the Insiders for all their support and of course the Ohana for being part of the show.

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Show Notes:
Finding that Perfect Domain.
Google Garage.
Boost your Brain Power with 9 volt battery!
TomTom has some explaining to do.
** Watch the ESA Video.
X Marks the Spot!
Voyagers in Deep Space!
Endeavor getting built!
Endeavor Facts
Qik Apps Updated.
Tungle purchased by Rim.
PSA Notices now on Seized Domains.
Ukrainians Shut down Adult P2P Site.
P2P Used for Movie Distribution.
Windows 8 Store Settings in Cloud?
Internet oh how far we have come.
New Type of Shovel?
DualLink Sync Cable.
High Speed Camera on the Cheap?
Upload Images into Google Doc Spreadsheets.
Chilling Effects.
Gmail / Outlook Sync Expanded.
Wireless Lockdown?
Custom Gaming Machines by Walmart?
More Free Android Apps over iOS.
Progress off to ISS.
Social Spy.
Copyright Blocks 81 yr old Jazz recordings.
Chrome gets Patched.
LTE Outage.
2028 Computers become Aware?
Amazon Cloud Issues.
Apollo 18 Films?
HP Gets Huge NASA Contract.
Is Part of your Brain Sleeping?
White iPhone.
YouTube Founders buy
Facebook DMCA Broken.
DOJ No more Microsoft Oversight.
Apple iPhone 5 in testing.
Hackers have Playstation Credit Cards?
Microsoft Revenues.
Only 5 Million?
Samsung swings again at Apple.

GNC-2011-02-24 #650 Chinese Hacker Conspiracy

Bit of Soap Box time tonight folks. Plus as chance to win a Apple TV be sure to listen to win. Entry email you will need is I share a little insight into some announcements we made today. Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter as that is the quickest way to get information on new show releases. We are half way to show 700 amazing how time flies. Big thanks to Trucker Tom for the Audible endorsement. You will want to get your free trial below!

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Listener Links
Mom Jeans Origin
Apple Firestorm.
Apple Factory Workers Sickened

Show Notes:
Private Space Funding.
Discovery Last Flight.
Alien Matter Discovered
Android Bootloader for Xoom.
South Korea Residents get 1GB to Home.
MobileMe RIP
USB 3.0 Someday?
Thunderbolt Technology.
Cookies and Credit Cards.
Apple Face Time.
Red Communist Chinese Hackers go after Oil.
Have you been to your Library?
CR48 Day 3
Rent Tool
Five Linux Audio Packages.
Google Cloud Connect.
Will Amazon Impact Netflix?
Pay TV Comeback?
iPad Paintbrush.
Smart Shirt!
Pitfalls of Mobile.
In Depth Xoom Review.
Google goes after Data Farmers.
Content Farms days Numbered.
Anonymous Shreds Westboro Church Website.
Craigslist goes to Battle.
ATV docks at ISS.
Helium 3 in Short Supply.
Huawei says you can trust us.
Microsoft fixes Antivirus Engine.
ISP Win In Australia
Movie Industry Gets Instructions in Australia.
Map your Internet Offerings.
Box Office Receipts Record Highs!
Universal Service Fund Scam.

USB 3.0 On It’s Way

Jeff Ravencraft from the USB Implementers Forum discusses the deployment of USB hardware interface standards, including USB 3.0 as well as wireless USB. So-called “Superspeed” USB, or USB 3.0, can operate up to 10 times faster than current USB 2.0 connections. USB 3.0 ports can supply up to twice as much power as USB 2.0 ports, which is important for charging many of today’s portable devices more quickly.

Mr. Ravencraft also discusses the certification process that USB devices and device manufacturers must go through in order to be able to legally display the respective official USB logos.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and Esbjorn Larsen of

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GNC-2011-01-24 #642 Under Doctors Orders!

Share with you some details that has been affecting the show and what I am doing about it. I also announce a new underwriter program for the show listen to find out how you can become an underwriter and get exposure on the show. I have a pile of stuff for you today all of it hot of the press.

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Listener Links
Net Neutrality: Verizon to challenge FCC
Michigan Company’s Solar/Windmill Lighting Products
Eye-Fi Wireless Cards
Overview and Comments on the New Epson R3000 Printer
Review of WD TV Live from a Photographer’s Perspective
Brickify Lego Fan Resource!
Pentalobe Screwdriver.
Norway’s Harp.

Show Notes:
Uproar over missing Google Reader.
Nationwide Keystroker!
Cargo to ISS via Japanese.
ISS Spacewalk.
NASA Replaced injured astronaut.
Google and VP8 is not a Standard?
RIAA Lawyer Nominated to Solicitor General?
How many pirates are there?
25% Fake Files via P2P.
IPV4 Running on Empty.
US Broadband Slow!
Maleware updates itself.
Pirate bay has something planned of IFBI.
Inside Foxconn Factory.
Sean Parker says Social Network work of Fiction.
Mass Extinction by Coal.
Yes China steals everything.
TSA gets beat badly in court!
NFL + Toyota + Safety = Nervous NFL
UFC goes after
Religion and Space.
NASA remembers space heroes!
Big Hubble Announcement on Wed 1pm EST.
WOW Orion Nebula!
Uranus 25yrs Ago!
Sleep Cycle get it Squared.
5 Billion in online Ads by 2013
Fastmac U-Sockets.
House Legislation going after extending surf history
Wayback Machine gets a makeover.
EZTV launches BitTorrent RSS Protocol.
Facebook Credits to rock gaming world.
Magic Box + Apple Magsafe connector = Success
House Fire from looking for Remote!
Lens Pens Video!
Dual Sided Magnet Cases.
Rugged iPad cover with mouse! (Pick of the Day)
Dia Digital Picture Frames.
Video Name Tag!
Sony 3D Consumer Cameras!
Qmadix line of iPad Accessories.
Insure your stuff!

GNC-2011-01-17 #640 Macbook Pro Webcam Sucks!

Left my cameras at home for the live recording, decided to use the Macbook Pro webcam.. Wow what a piece of crap that thing is. Interesting show tonight reflect on the challenges of post show CES! and soliciting ideas for next year. I have a great line up of content for you along with some serious questions on cloning for you to reply to.

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Listener Links
Hacking your TV!
Brainwave Detector for iPhone.

Show Notes:
Firefox keep the RSS Icon.
No Private Stock for Americans.
Amazon App Store Model (gag).
Have you seen the Android Man!
The Facts about Bottled Water ūüėČ
Roku XDS unlocking USB Port.
SF Cord Cutter Meetup!
YouTube Live!
Wikileaks + Rich People Banking Info = Hire a body Guard.
Facebook Privacy Concerns Again!
Get Well Steve Jobs!
Smartphone search and seizure!
The 1000mph Car!
Superfast Broadband for small towns.
Redbook Kiosk rentals on the rise.
Future of Femtocells?
LTE Speed Truth in Japan!
Get your 10k from Apple!
Smart TV or Internet Connected TV?
Top 10 Powerful women in Silicon Valley!
Firefox 4 and Hardware Acceleration for Linux?
Wolly Mammoth Cloning.
Router and Switch Aging Issues.
Tunneling for Games.
What is wrong with our Society!
Airforce has a plan.
Sony Ericsson and Clear lawyer up.
All the G’s
Car Theft by Antenna.
Booking Flight Challenges.
Apps to save Old Media.

Pick a Name, Any Name

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal recently, Google’s Eric Schmidt suggested that teens will automatically change their name in order to disassociate themselves from the indiscretions of youth.¬† While this might seem to be a somewhat extreme action to take, how easy is it to actually change your name?

If you live in the UK, it’s actually very¬†easy.¬† All you have to do is start using your new name.¬† As long as there’s no intention to deceive or defraud, that’s it.¬† Pretty easy.

If you want to make it it a bit more formal so that it’s on your passport¬†and driving licence, you can use a “deed poll” to change your name.¬† You¬† fill out¬†a simple form, get it witnessed and that’s it legal.¬† You then present the deed poll¬†whenever you want to get your old name changed to your new name.¬† Job done.

One further and final step is to “enrol” your deed poll which then becomes part of the public record.¬† All of these deed polls are published in the London, Edinburgh¬†or Belfast Gazettes and there is a charge for this service of around ¬£50 ($75).

There’s a guide to changing your name by deed poll and enrolling it on Her Majesty’s Court Service.¬†¬† If you do a quick Google, you’ll find plenty of websites (a) wanting to charge for the service and (b) testimonies of people who have done it for free.¬† I liked this one who changed his name legally¬†to “Flash” because he was going to be forced to answer the phone with his real name.

It’s perhaps more common than you think.¬† I know one couple personally who, instead of the wife adopting the surname of the husband, they created a new surname that combined parts of both of their original surnames.¬† They took care with how it sounded and it worked out well.

So Eric Schmidt might be onto something if it’s that easy – the difficult part is going to be choosing a new name.

Usual disclaimer – I’m not a lawyer and the above doesn’t constitute legal advice.

GNC-2010-05-18 #576 Not Firing on all Cylinders

Every once in a while I have a off night, and today during the show I just wasn’t hitting on all cylinders. Weird how that happens once in a while despite all best intentions. Things have been crazy here probably a lack of sleep. Next show is from Michigan after I spend the day at Ford Motor Company. For those wanting to meet, there will be a meet-up on 5-22 @ 6pm EST at Applebees in Coldwater Michigan please RSVP. Special version of Geek News Central Insider coming be a Insider!

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Listener Links:
Awake During Surgery!
E. coli helps person like his iPad!
War Driving could cost you 100 Euros in Germany!
File Transfers in US Gov’t unsafe?
The Japan Experience.
Solar Storms.
Early Ford Motor Car Assembly Plant Video!

Show Links:
LED ceiling lights to transfer Data?
3 TB drive Announced by Seagate.
Wi-Fi Sync Review.
UFC Pay Per View coming to Roku.
Can Android Phone Implementers Keep up?
RawVoice is hiring need a Job?
Get “Whole Dollar off” for being a Starbucks Mayor.
Body Scanners at Airports taking one for Team!
GQ tries to ramp up iPad Subscriptions.
Fanboy History!
Does your Pilot have a Fake License?
How to Poop in Space!
MobileMe mail Review.
YouTube 2 Billion Views a Day!
You have to Envy This!
Google to push Feeds real time!
Amazon goes on Battle footing.
Mac Sales up, iPod sales down! Leader board!
Pirate bay offline.
Google Wi-Fi Snooping gets Serious.
Your Browser is leaving trails.
ISS Spacewalk #1 Complete.
iPhone res gets big!
Life Stress Survey!
H.264 Video Views up 160%
Time for IE6 to go!
Lithium battery Fires cause determined.
Office 2010 review!
MIT designs next generation Airplane.
Verizon did not collect.
Wikipedia in Chaos?
Big Galaxy eating everything around it.
Microsoft Settles out of Court!
Do you have Google-Itis?
Time Warner says enough already on mass lawsuits.
New Lie Detector test introduced in court!
Rebel T2I nice Camera!

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GNC-2010-02-26 #555 Hold on to your Hats!

I blew the barn doors off on this one folks!. Hopefully iTunes cooperates tonight not sure what happened last podcast. Be sure to always check in at the website for the show. I cover a far amount of ground tonight and I reach out to our Italian listeners hopefully you all can talk to me about the Insanity in Italy at the moment.

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Listener Links:
Can the US defend a Cyber Attack?
Run Shark!
School Spying Analysis!

Show Links:
Italy has lost their minds!
Microsoft brings down Botnet!
OGG Versus H.264 Head to Head!
Intuit updates Quickbooks for Mac!
Facebook gets Wires crossed!
TV Stations asked to give up 500mhz!
Virgin Media to roll 100 mbps Service out!
Latvian Hacker spills beans on Banks!
Esa’s Smos European Space Agency Mission Report.
PALM in Trouble!
Boxee back on Apple TV!
Thunderbird Security Fix!
FTC Investigating Companies for P2P document leaks!
Skype on your TV!
End of Support Life for Many Microsoft Products!
NASA Chief under Fire!
Johnny Cash Song 10 Billionth Downloaded!
Citibank monumental screw up!
Has your Blackberry Radiated you Today?
Whoops Did not mean to knock your site offline!
Is it time for ET Ethics?
Patent Label Chasers?
40 Billion and wanting to Spend Money!
Sen Al Franken wants User Bandwidth Caps!
Klipsch’s Ear Buds.
Telava 3g Pay as you Go!
Detect Wi-Fi Hot Spots at 20 Miles!
Augmented Reality and Social Media?
Second Life to get Second Life?
Politicans and there Keepers!

Send in your stories to and be sure to provide a link to your websites!

Want to see an Internet Oxymoron?

Check out this screenshot. Tell me why it’s an Oxymoron:

The Internet Oxymoron

If you said “This is an Associated Press article – I CANNOT share it on Mixx, Buzz, Digg, Reddit, Facebook or Newswire”, then you are correct!

If you go to the A.P.s site, you do not see any sharing widgets. However, if you go to the sites that pay for the content, they could have these little add-ons to try and promote their brand. But with these widgets, they could be in breech of their contract.

The Associated Press has said it doesn’t want to squelch new media, but it will go after sites that post it’s content and make money on it. Isn’t that like EVERY site on the Internet?

Back in June, the AP told their reporters to police social media like Facebook and Twitter. The idea would be to identify and irradicate any posts that violate their usage policies. So you could get a take down notice if you post¬† or “Re Tweet” those A.P. articles.

If you have a website and you have A.P. content on it, you might want to think about those little blurbs to suggest sharing the articles. You may be inadvertently breaching your contract.

I wonder if someone should start a list of Websites that use A.P. so we all know not to share the data from it. Of course, I am not going to rock that boat. However, if you know of a website that is an Associated Press site, you might want to comment on it below…

DVDXCopy – If you can’t Beat Em, Join Em.

The Software DVDXCopy by 321 Studios was banned in the US 5 years ago after a big battle with Hollywood. 321 studios took on a lawsuit stating that people have a right to backup and archive material they purchased. The movie studios countersued, and in February 2004, it was ruled that DVDXCopy violated Digital Millennium Copyright Act laws and was officially banned in the US.

Well, the website apparently revamped their site from the Sale of the DVDXCopy software to an informational website of the best DVD Copy software. They review 3 different DVD copy programs, but are heavily pushing DVDneXtCopy, which the pro version can allow copying of single, Double sided DVD’s in multiple formats including formats for the iPod and PSP.

The site is not shy on saying that the XCopy version has been banned. But they are also warning people that there are fake versions of the software out there.

Of course we all know that copying movies for redistribution is illegal. However I would like to back up my movies in the case of damage. When I travel I don’t like to take original movies – I like to take copies. That way if something happens, I don’t lose the original.

Then again, with items like Blockbuster and Netflix around, will copying DVDs be as important nowadays?