PayPerPost gets a Partial Clue

One of the companies that has been on my Web Based Evil Empire list has been PayPerPost, yesterday they took the first step to getting off the list. They are now going to require full disclosure on paid blog postings.

They still have one step to go though to get fully off my list. They need to eliminate the option that advertiser require the post be positive. I think any company that is willing to allow a group of bloggers write about their product publicly for pay, should also be willing to take the good with the bad.

Here is one thing I will be doing when I see a blog post for a product or service that falls in the tech category that is a PayPerPost blog post. I am going to do my own unbiased review and see how it compares with the PayPerPost postings. If enough people do this, then PayPerPost and the associated bloggers who inflate posts will be shamed when they cross the line. []

New Google Toolbar Beta

Google-toolGoogle has released a new beta of their popular toolbar. It has a couple of new features that allow you to view documents you review online with Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

What’s nice is that you could then save those documents for easy access later.As the net keeps evolving it is small enhancements that can make life a lot more productive. [Google Blog]

Want your Google Juice to go down work for PayPerPost!

It’s nice to know that when people are being deceitful and writing articles on the web and not disclosing that they are getting paid to Blog that there are ramifications to those actions.

If bloggers continue to work for PayPerPost and do not disclose that they are getting paid to blog I hope indeed that Google does strip them of page rank. Thats poetic justice for bloggers that deceive readers. [Jason Calacanis

Web Developer Wanted for Immediate Job!

It’s time to shake things up here at Geek News Central in the form of a new web design. I’m looking for a energetic web developer that has some skills. I have a budget all I need is a bit of someones time. I have a idea which way I want to go just need someone with the skills to put it together. If you want the job send me a link to your portfolio in your contact e-mail. You need to be proficient in Movable Type and WordPress geeknews[at]

Google Base and Podcasting

I saw a couple of post this weekend that talks about the Google Base ads Google is running for Podcasts and went over and checked out what they have cooking.

Being that they do not allow MP3 files to be attached and also considering that Google Base entries are made inactive after 30 days I am not sure what they have planned. For Giggles I posted yesterdays Tech Podcast Round Table, The latest Brrycast and my personal show up on Google Base and we will see if those post grow and legs. I had to link the media as they do not allow uploads of MP3 media. With the 15 meg limit on media anyway it will be pretty tough.

Round Table, Brrycast, Latest GNCP

Humping Gear at the Consumer Electronics Show

This year I have been taking inventory of all the stuff I am going to have to hump at CES and I am trying to figure out a way to minimize my load. My HD Video Camera is on the small side in regards to size but it still has a shotgun microphone and a wireless received mounted on it along with an arm for a light I am debating if I should take a mono-pod or a regular tripod. The weight is about the same. Knowing how crowded it is I am leaning towards a mono pod.

For audio interviews I will have a Marantz PMD-660 running in a single microphone configuration. I will have some of those long and narrow reporters notebooks those really proved essential last year as they can go in a back pocket. My thoughts were that I would buy one of those Photographers vest to stash all the batteries, tapes and essentials. Including stashing the audio recorder. I really don’t want to have to carry a camera bag but I don’t think I will want to just have the camcorder hanging on my arm all day.

I have a nice Kata bag now and I see they have some little trolleys that you can use. This would allow me to roll the camera around pull it when needed to just keep from killing myself. If you have any ideas on how to minimize the wear and tear would love to here it.

The Math on how Google determined your page rank

Someone with obviously way to much time on their hands put together what I would consider the most comprehensive mathematical probability post on how Google determines a website page rank. If your good at math and want to spend some time going over the article be prepared with a couple of cans of RedBull as the author gets pretty deep in his examination of Google Pagerank. []

Commercial Satellite Pictures

I have been watching the evolution of commercial satellite pictures for a while and the quality keeps improving At the same time I wonder how much of that data is being used by those that wish to inflict bodily harm upon others.The question to be asked is how much further these companies are going to go in increasing the resolution.

I can only imagine that various governments of the world are worried about it as well. Are these commercial satellite companies aiding the enemy? Is there not oversight from the respective governments in the countries that these companies operate in.

Today I was surprised to find out that there is now ways for people to commercially access newly updated images that have been shot and indexed. I love Google Maps and the satellite function but I wonder if those cool services are not going to come back and haunt us one day. []