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Independa Health Measures My mother is 83, she is physically healthy, but she is in the on set of dementia. She lives alone and the closes relative to her is my brother, who is 30-40 minutes away. She has no interest in computers or having a wireless network to be setup in her house. However, because of her age and dementia it would be nice to be able to monitor her health and to remind her to go to her appointments. This is where Health Measures by Independa may come in.

The Health Measures doesn’t require any cellular coverage, broadband service or wireless devices in the home. It will work through landline or mobile phones. It requires no-hardware, no-installation and is a low-cost alternative to complement Independa’s Artemiss solution. It records weight, blood pressure, glucose level, temperature, pulse and heart rate among other health related information. The information is collected and then merged with other information that is already in the system to provide a comprehensive biometric report. The information is then presented on the Independa Caregive App. The caregiver can then use that information to remind the patient to take medication, exercise and to go to medical appointments. Allowing the elderly to stay in their homes longer, safer and more comfortable. If a patient is required to be hospitalized and then is released, the most dangerous period that require a return to the hospital usually happens within the first three days after discharge. Health Measures can help provide the information to hospitals or caregivers that can help prevent readmission.

The Health Measures system will become available in February after a month of testing.  It requires no-hardware, no-installation and is a  low-cost alternative to complement Independa’s Artemiss solution. Independa CEO said it the best when he said:

“We have designed Health Measures to help mitigate expensive and often debilitating conditions that commonly arise during transitions in care,” said Independa CEO Kian Saneii. “Our new service will enable hospitals, other caregiving organizations and family caregivers to begin monitoring a care recipient’s biotelemetry as soon as the person returns to their residence. Professional and family caregivers will receive timely information, avoiding the need for time-consuming and costly routine home visits.”

Independa Smart Reminders for Forgetful Relatives

Todd talks to Kian Saneii, CEO of Independa, a reminder service aimed at care-givers for elderly people, helping them remember to take their medication and to keep appointments, thus keeping them in their own home that little bit longer. Under the overall brand of Smart Reminders, Independa is launching three products, Smart Calendar, Medication Reminder and Life Stories.

The way it works is that the care-givers use Independa’s portal to setup the reminders for the relative, who is then reminded at the right time. Now the smart bit is that the older person doesn’t need to know anything about computers – the reminder is delivered to them by telephone. And to backup the reminder, the person has to confirm that they’ve taken their medication or else a further call is made to them a little later. Depending on the study, around 24% of medications are simply forgotten to be taken.

Life Stories is a little bit different but great idea. The care-giver places a call through the Independa system to their relative and asks him or her a question, like “How did you meet Mom / Dad?” or “What did you do in World War II?”.  The ensuing conversation is recorded and can be passed onto the rest of the family. Brilliant.

Available from now, with a six week trial period. Smart Reminders is $19.95 per month for an annual plan and Life Stories is $19.95 for 20 minutes of recording.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Esby Larsen of

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