MultiCharger-X by iLuv

iLuvMultiCharger-X by iLuv can charge and sync up to ten iPads in at once. You can stack one MultiCharger-X on top of another. You can daisy chain up to three MultiCharger-X  in a row so you can sync up to thirty iPads with one MacBook. The box has a locking feature so you can lock the iPads up to keep them secure overnight. You have the option of putting casters on the bottom so you could roll it across the floor or you can also lock it to the floor. Each slot charges independently so you don’t need to fill all slots for it to work. There is an individual LED light to indicate charging level of each slot. You can go from charging to syncing with the touch of a button.

This type of device would be great for businesses where a lot of the employees use iPads. For example if you have a sales force and you want them to all to use the same PowerPoint presentation you could easily sync that presentation to multiply iPads from one Mac. Employees who use iPads for work could place them in a slot when they leave. The iPads then could be synced and charged over night so they would be ready for them in the morning

The MultiCharger X will be available around May-June and will cost $799. It should be available at various retail stores and on the iLuv website.

Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.

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iLuv DualJack Review

Its pretty hard to get excited about cables, after all most of us probably have a drawer full. I know I do, but I am always looking for ways to dual purpose cables for when I travel or to simple clear the clutter. The iLuv DualJack helps me out in both of those goals.

The iLuv DualJack  is a combination sync and charge cable for Apple devices and most smartphones. Whats cool is the cable has a standard USB Jack on one end, then a Hinged jack on the other that has both the Apple 10 Pin connector and a Micro USB all in one.  The cable is 3ft long an USB 2.0 compatible. It retails on the iLuv site for $29.99. Nice dual purpose cable to have in my travel bag.


iLuv Audio Cube Speaker Dock for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Andy McCaskey falls for iLuv, the premier purveyor of accessories for mobile devices including the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, Galaxy Tab and Blackberry. On show is the iLuv Audio Cube, a speaker dock for the iPad that comes with additional apps, such as alarm clocks, internet radio and weather, to make this the centre of your digital life. There are some really cool and useful touches, including a USB port round the back for iTunes syncing, so there’s no need to undock to sync. The Audio Cube also works with the iPhone and iPod.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and Esbjorn Larsen of

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