GNC-2007-10-12 #308

The hacker battle continues fix is in for 1.1.1 version iPhone and iBrick Phones. Please help us raise $400.00 to give a laptop to a child!

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Firefox Myths
Blue Wave <-Old School Show Notes: iPhone Unbricking
Why I don’t use WordPress
A new Dimension of Time?
Apple WebApps
Music Industry Self Destruction
Music Industry Five Alternative Models
Hard Drive Shortage in Dec?
Mom Tells Ballmer what she thinks of Vista
IE7 to be FIxed for Vulnerability
Madonna may bring Music Industry to it’s Knees
Looking for ET May get new Life
Endeavor may have Issue
Soyuz to ISS
DMCA battles getting Worse
FCC does not back down on 700mhz Auction
RIAA Victim slams Juror

Caught my Eye
How Car Financing Works
How does it Feel
Root offers clues to Addiction

GNC-2007-10-05 #306

We have Cherie from the as the guest on the show for the first 15 minutes or so and then and really full show content with some soapbox time as well.

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Listener Links:
Sony Stupidity #1
Cable AlaCarte What If!
Sony Stupidity #2
RIAA Hates its customers
Comet Encke Video
Hepa Filter

Show Notes:
Feds Shut Off CA.Gov Web Sites
First Space Photo
Why Internet Explorer is so Bloated
iPhone Sales tied to Unlocking
RIAA Trial Verdict Bad News
Apple Fanatic
Jobs has sold out to the Telco’s
PGP Whole Disk Encryption Bypass
Sony BMG Head Lawyer makes America Hate Sony
Google Body Slams Verizon
Plastic Shell Shears
WordPress Automatic Update Plugin
Level 3 Slashes Prices
Internet Explorer 7 Update
China Blocks RSS Feeds
Podcaster Awards Coverage
AT&T Content Filtering
Japan Lunar Princess enters Moon Orbit
Leopard Shipping Date this Month
More money for Shuttle
Seven Patches for Patch Tuesday
Copy Protection Issues for Blu-Ray

GNC-2007-06-08 #274

Monster show with a lot of great articles. Lots of great commentary from the audience as well at the end of the show. Thanks for being part of the Ohana! Missed on key Article Watch blog today

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PHP Basics
Perl Basics
Mars Images
Geek Myths
Blubrry Podcaster Meet up Archive

Show Notes:
ASUS Sub 200 Laptop
ISS Shields
AV Package Comparison
Ham Radio vs BPL
Congress Strong Arm Universities
Child Locator
Sound Exchange Admin Fees
MovableType Version 4.0 Beta
DreamHost Issues
Adobe Acrobat 8.1
YouTube Player
Akamai Real Time Web Monitor
Firefox v3 Protections
Hyperword Firefox Plugin!!
E7Pro IE7 Plugin
20 Google Tips
Three Screen Laptop
MacBook External Battery Charger
HDMI Cable Showdown
Parallels 3.0 !!!!!
Pinnacle PCTV HD USB
Cool Lamp
Falcon Fragbook
ZFS On Leopard
Vector Physics !!!
Book Publisher Google Stunt
Apple TV Cost
Mars Deep Hole
Internet Advertising
Joost Set-Top-Box
Wheel Chair – Semi Ride
Star Image
Windows Vista Under the Hood
This is Just Wrong!
Solar Shield

GNC-2007-01-16 #234

Back in the saddle here in Hawaii I am still Jet Lagged like crazy but just had to get a show out lots of commentary about last week and what the release plan is for all the video.

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NOTICE: If you have iTunes or any Podcatcher set to only download latest shows you have likely missed episodes as I have been submitting multiple shows a day!

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Show Notes:
Bush Signs Bill
Outlook 2007 Disaster
Lawerence Lessig
Google Analytics Hacks
Amazing Picture!
More DRM!!!
Paypal Security Key
Eye to Eye
Apple TV
Robin Good RSS Tools!
802.11n Pay Apple
Sponsored Reviews
First HD-DVD Torrent
Pathfinder in the News!
Software kill Mars Global Surveyor
Comet Viewing Opportunity
Universal Service Fund News
Netflix Online Video Delivery
Trademark Troll
IE7 100 Million
More Gmail Bugs
Hackers want iPhone
Wall Mounted PC!!
Tagging in WP
Fun LCD Cam

Does RSS Auto Discovery work on your Website?

FeediconFor some reason last Saturday when a buddy of mine said to me hey you know that IE7 has RSS Auto Discovery correct? Well it made me think, had I added the code necessary for Auto Discovery before? I immediately loaded one of my templates, and saw I had the auto discovery code already installed. Which was a good thing!

Now that IE7 has RSS Auto Discovery, a lot of new people are going to be investigating the feed icon, and once they get hooked into syndicated content stand-by as your RSS subscriptions are going to increase dramatically.

If you need instructions on how to add the code it is very simple and should take you about 30 seconds to get it added to your templates. [Microsoft Publishers Guide]

GNC-2006-10-20 #209

Great debate at the end of the show and I have fun smacking both Microsoft and Apple around today with a lot of hot topics that you are going to want to hear my commentary on! Ohh and a Old School Intro!

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Get the BitTorrent feed today! Thanks player!

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Cameron Reilly
BluRay vs HD-DVD
Stats What’s Real
MPAA Frustrated
EA Spyware
Iran Bans HS Internet
IE7 Launched
IE7 Security Issue
IE7 Review
Vista License
Webmaster Tools
Mac Apps
Meth Pics
Apple End Game
Email virus
DNA Repair
Get Listed on News Sites
Free Stuff at Trade Shows
Sony Claims
TiVo vs FCC
Microsoft mad at Apple! Blacklisted
No Moon Ice
IT Open Season
IT Open Season 2
Save Hubble?
Vista Activation Bomb!
Spamhaus Lives

IE7 Released Finally!

Ie7All I can say is that it is about time. For all of you that have stuck with IE through security risk, and outdated technology you can finally upgrade. The upgrade will allow you to have some of the features that Firefox users have been using for a couple of years.

Enjoy and I hope that the time between releases of Internet Explorers is shorter this time around, and hopefully Microsoft will not put the browser on the back burner again. [IE7 Blog] [Download it Today]

Some claim 2007 Will Be A Big Year For RSS?

RssThe author of the Read /Write Weblog says that 2007 will be a big year for RSS. Personally I am not as optimistic, but I have been wrong before. His reckoning is that because IE7 will have RSS integrated the masses not using RSS to get content will essentially see the light and join the party.

Sites that are going to benefit the most of course are major media outlets, web sites like mine which attract a niche crowd probably will not see such a significant impact. The main problem of course will be educating people on the power of syndication. When you have a large number of companies and bloggers using services like feedburner that makes your RSS feed look pretty in a browser some will get confused and bookmark the RSS page.

I see a lot of people doing that already! When someone clicks on my RSS link they get a page that when it loads they know is meant for a machine to read and not a human. I would love to see the statistics at Feedburner on the number of RSS page views they get a day that are from ordinary browsers.

So will 2007 be a big year for RSS? Will our RSS subscriptions climb by 90%? Your guess is as good as mine we will see if the prediction holds true. I would really love to be wrong on this one. []