GNC-2006-11-10 #215

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1 in 67 Websites contain IE security exploit

Asa Dotzer points to a pretty interesting study, now I am not one to buy into these types of studies on face value, but the sheer number of sites they found with exploits has made me begin to wonder why can’t their be a way to get these sites shut down. If there is a way to detect the sites that are intruding then we need a way to take those sites down. The number of sites going after Firefox is on the rise also. [Asa Dotzer]

World coming back to work and a huge Windows Security Issue

This broke last week but many have been away from their computers due to the holidays. Seems all of the news organizations reporting staff is finally catching up with what most of us have known since last week. The Windows flaw can cause a fully patched PC to be hacked by a malicious site putting malicious code in a image. Firefox users are more protected than IE users but not completely. Here is a link to another temporary fix, this is a unofficial patch and the associated story. [Patch] []

How can people be passionate about IE anymore?

I have had a interesting e-mail exchange this weekend, I will not go into the details but suffice to say I am blown away how many people are still using Internet Explorer as their default browser. But the more I got to thinking about it I realized that the only people that truly understand the impact and the inherent problems of IE are people like me that spend all day reading article after article that essentially has shaped my mind into understanding that running IE is not an option and to be avoided at all cost.

Someone said they have been on broadband for years, never used a firewall prior to the one that was shipped with windows, uses IE and says they do not have any spyware on their machine and that it has not been compromised. This goes against all odds that clearly shows that the majority of computers are probed multiple times on a daily basis. I have a machine that sets on the front line with only a software firewall and I can tell you that machine is probed hundreds of times a day. Those that are using a router with their cable service have a certain amount of additional protection.

My mom is in a area where their is no broadband she is on dial-up and in the interim between the time she bought it and when I was able to visit and install a firewall that machine was essentially hacked and owned. This was a dial up connection mind you that was not on all the time. The only thing that I could do was get the rebuild disk out and start over. So unless someone has a kick butt ISP that is protecting them to a certain extent I am still astonished in some of the comments today.

Don’t get me wrong I had a Unix machine of my own penetrated recently so no one or no operating system is perfect but I shudder to imagine having to surf the net today with IE by choice.

Firefox 1.5 on the street yet IE version 1.7 is still not available!

Those of you still using Internet Explorer need to realize that you are running one of the most dangerous applications on the Internet today! Do you realize that IE7 which was announced to be available summer of 2005 is still no where to be seen. Do you know that people are actually trying to compare Firefox version 1.5 with IE7?

Internet Explorer version 7 may not be vapor ware but it is as close to that definition as any application that is being hyped and talked about today. Microsoft blew it plain and simple and for a long time had a strategy of we don’t care about your browser and your security.

How many of you have parents or relatives that have spyware, malware and computers that are running at the speed of snail because they have been using a browser that is about as secure as a open jail cell with no keepers. Don’t get me wrong Firefox is not 100% immune but you will be about a magnitude of a 1000 more safe running Firefox than you will running the Internet Explorer version 6.0

I cannot tell you the number of times I have walked up to a PC and seen IE running on it and said oh man your running IE why in the world are you running that. If your still running IE version 6 and have not switched to Firefox all I can say is you have been warned.

For more were this comes from read this -> [Asa]