EZAIR a Wireless Solution for Transferring Video

You are sitting front of your TV with your lap top open, all of a sudden you see a video on the lap and you want to show it on your TV, You want to be able to do it fast and easy, that is what the EZAIR allows you to do. The Ezair receiver plugs into your HD monitor and the transmitter plugs into your PC.

Now you can stream the content from your pc to your TV. Your lap top must be within line of site of the hardware and can’t be more than 30 feet away. The signal that is sent out is proprietary, so someone in the next room can’t steal the signal and see what you are showing on your monitor. There are two modes, the first is the mirror mode, which as you might expect takes what is on your pc and shows a copy of it on to your TV. The second mode is the extender mode, which allows you to show one thing on your TV monitor , while working on something else on your computer.

There is both a home and business solution. The home solution EZVIEW transmits video to a single monitor up to 780p and is $149.00. They now have a Mac solution called EZDOCK which can transmit up to 1080p video to one monitor for $159.00 The business solution called EZVIEW+ be set up as a docking station and can transmit video to up to 3 monitors at 1080p. The business model cost $189.00. If you want to transmit audio from your PC to your 5.1 receiver then you might want to look into the EZVIBE which is available for just $89.00. EZAIR products should be available at your local retailer sometime in January and for further information you can visit the EZAIR site.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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Igugu Internet TV

Mario Cisneros talks about Igugu TV (www.igugu.com), a hardware and software combination that turns your existing Windows-based computer into a TV set top box enabling you to easily get over-the-top television content from your computer to your flat panel television.

Igugu has three kit offerings, including $99 dollars for the remote control unit and software, $129 for the remote control unit, software, and miscellaneous wiring kit, and $249 for a wireless version.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Actiontec Wireless HDMI

Actiontec has introduced Wireless HDMI at CES 2011 which allows you to connect multiple monitors to a single transmitter. So you can transmit the HDMI signal from lets say an xBox or your cable TV set top box to a TV 150 feet away. The product will be available in the second quarter for around $200.00. The exciting thing about this is you can hook more than one TV up aka you have a single transmitter with multiple receivers, this is a great way to distribute the same content to multiple TV sets.

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Samsung 58″ Class (58.0″ Diag.) 500 Series 1080p Plasma HDTV

A few days ago I made a trip to my local Best Buy store and ended up walking out with a Samsung 58” 500 Series Plasma HDTV. I’d gone into the store thinking if I left with anything, it would most likely be an LCD HDTV. However, after spending quite a while comparing picture quality and prices on the massive number of sets covering the big-box store’s back wall, I happened upon the Samsung model PN58C500, a 58” Plasma.

This Samsung Plasma has an absolutely stunning picture, rivaling the best high-end LCD sets that cost two and almost three times more. The PN58C500 sells for $1,197.99. I happened to have a “Best Buy Rewards” coupon for 10% percent off of any HDTV set costing $750 or more, and the coupon did end up applying to the PN58C500. My final price, including our rather high local sales taxes, ended up being $1,147.

There’s no 3D circuitry, but that’s not a problem for me since I consider 3D TV’s (as well as 3D movies) to be a useless gimmick. The PN58C500 has Samsung’s “AllShare DLNA Networking” that allows the set to connect to computers and DLNA servers running on your home network to stream HD video via Ethernet. I’ve also got a Mac Mini, as well as a Western Digital HD Live Plus media player attached directly to the set via my surround sound receiver/switcher.

The PN58C500 has a useful variety of video formatting modes to easily cycle through via the remote control that facilitates getting the right picture format for the particular video you are watching or device you are watching it from. It has 3 HDMI inputs, and is a thin 2.8 inches thick.

The remote control seems to be a bit touchy, needing to be pointed at the set to ensure that remote control commands register. Also, the built-in speakers seem to fire out of the bottom, but the volume levels are more than loud enough to be usable.

If you are looking for a new big-screen HDTV, you can’t go wrong buying this set considering the price versus value. I cannot over-stress the absolutely stunning picture quality this set produces.

Sony Launches HDMI Ethernet Channel Cables

Sony LogoSony have launched a series of high performance HDMI cables to meet the needs of the latest developments in audio and video entertainment, including 3D and Ethernet.

All the cables in the DLC-HE series offer:
HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), allowing the cable to not only carry audio and video, but also data.
Audio Return Channel (ARC),  permitting audio to be transmitted in both directions.
3D support, for the latest movies.
Quad Full HD, for resolutions up to 3840 x 2160.
48 bits per pixel colour depth, giving richer colour reproduction.

Obviously, the TV and the connected device, e.g. an AV amp, have to support these features to take advantage of the cable.

Although the press release doesn’t make it 100% clear, I believe that these features mean these new cables conform to the HDMI 1.4 standard.

There are five different cables in the range, from general purpose to premium, with variants using horizontal and vertical swivel connections.  There’s also a special cable for connecting from HandyCam or Bloggie cameras that have the HDMI type C connector.

CablesThe cables come in a range of lengths from 1m to 10m.  Additionally the HDMI connector body has been redesigned so that it’s easier to see which way round the cable is before trying to plug it in.

Available now from all good stockists with prices starting from around £40.

Video Cables Demystified

I know having recently set up an HD system myself, the number of cables that are available in a store can be quite confusing. I did this short video, which will hopefully explain some of the differences between the various cables, and in what order you want to use them. This is just some basic information, for more in depth information I would start with Wikipedia. In the video I mistakenly said that component cables carry analog signals, although this is still true for most consumer grade application. Digital component cables are starting to gain popularity and can carry signals up to 1080p, although HDMI cables still have the advantage of also being able to carry audio.

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GNC-2010-03-02 #556 I Get Called on the Carpet!

Your not going to want to miss a segment in today’s show where I get called on the carpet by a long time listener. I have been in touch with the Advanced tech support at iTunes, I am hoping the show updates on schedule tonight. If it does not there are instructions on how to guarantee how to get the show. I talk about the weekend excitement here in Hawaii over the Tsunami Warning, and a host of other tech topics that are sure to please.

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Changing Out to a New Computer

I told myself a long time ago that I would only upgrade my main computer if a new one could triple the performance. It would be so I don’t sit and waste money every year just to buy a machine that was a few MHz faster than the previous one. I know I can get by with an increase in RAM, an updated hard drive or new video card.

This machine was 6 times better.

The kicker was that I was trying to do video on the old machine and it would take forever. I was sitting there waiting for items to load…. and load…. and zzzzzzzzzz… huh? oh. It’s still loading.

WARNING – GEEKY STUFF AHEAD: The new machine is an AMD Phenom II 945 with DDR3 support. The processor is a Quad-core – 3.0 GHz processor. It has a 6 MB L3 Cache. With the AM3+ board (The M4A78T-E from ASUS), this machine  will power through what I need. With the 2 PCIx slots (yes, I said 2) for the connection of ATI’s CrossFireX technology, along with the build in dual video support and HDMI support, this could easily become a fully functional home theater.  I even have a USB. Firewire AND eSata port on the back, so it can connect to my favorite storage drive and back up data.

WARNING – ENVIRONMENTAL STUFF AHEAD: The best part about this proc / board combo is that it runs at 140W. Add a hard drive and DVD RW: You are looking at 190 Watts to run this computer. My other machine took almost twice as much to run. I have a 450 W power supply which will be perfect for this.

I am also not a high – end gamer, so those of you looking for better frame rates and overclocking will probably be laughing at this.  Still, if I want to change out the heatsinks, double the power supply and put in 2 high end dual graphics cards to build a computer video wall, then at least I have the computer to do it.

The best part is I might be able to knock 3 computers down to 1 (if I wanted). I will most likely have 2 in the end, though.

Being that I have had the previous machine for 3 years now, it has complied with the George Carlin comedy skit and accumulated a lot of “Stuff”. Even half-way through it’s use I reloaded XP because of a hardware crash – yet there still seems to be a lot of data I have to account for.

Therefore it’s a slow process of loading and configuring, then bringing over the large amount of data. The last machine was still running all EIDE drives; 2 of them were on a EIDE controller in which I striped the data amongst the two disks. The 320 GB was perfect for 2006, not so much for 2009. Therefore, 4 – 500 GB SATA drives are in order.

Yes, I said 500 GB drives. Why? Well simply put, even though I read that Terrabyte drives are reliable, tech friends say they see too many RMA’s on the drives. While I do not have to worry about petabytes of data just yet, I want to make sure my machine will survive for a while. When I see the repair requests go down, I’ll get a TB for an external drive.

Once I have all programs loaded, then I will set aside time to bring over the big programs. Changing data. My websites – for example. That way I don’t have mismatched data across 2 computers.

I still have a long ways to go before I am done swapping out the machine. I might even have a hard time trying to find the software and reg keys I used so long ago. By the end of the week, though, the switch should be complete. Then comes the fun chore of….

Backing Up:  I did it before I started moving data around and I will do it when it’s all complete. Acronis will get the task of imaging the drive. I will also use an external to back up all data on a regular basis. That way, if any major failure occurs, I can restore ASAP.

Operating Systems: Right now, it’s XP. Windows 7 will have it’s own partition, as well as Ubuntu. The system comes with ExpressGate – a quick loading OS for easy Skype, web browsing or media playing. But will I Hackintosh the system? Well, the board comes with ATI graphics. There is a version out there that does let you use ATI, so I’ll have to see about that.

So not only could this replace 3 of my computers, it could also replace my TV. It’s really interesting to see how far we’ve come with technology. Yet the real question is: “Where will computers be when they triple this new system?” One can only drool right now….

GNC-2009-03-31 #464 Back in Honolulu

Austin Texas meet-up this coming Saturday.. RSVP today [email protected] Well folks home long enough to get some clean clothes then I am headed to Texas. Will be looking for around 100 listeners to participate in some new media panels, will advise when I am ready to have those panels.

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GNC-2009-03-06 #457 Back in the Flow here in Japan

Surprisingly Connectivity this trip to Japan has been horrible in that I have been going as many as 12 hours a day without connectivity. But it has proven to be a very productive trip, yet I look forward to heading home late next week.

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