GNC #672 Big Day for LinkedIn

Geek News Central Podcast Headed back to Honolulu, I have had a great week here in Texas, much accomplished. Planning a return trip in Mid June followed by a potential east coast trip as well. Lot’s of tech with a political slant tonight kinda weird but seems that at times themes develop in the news reporting.

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Show Notes:
5 Ways to use LinkedIn
Malware on the loose for Mac Users.
Apple App Store Security Threat?
Chrome URL Bar going Bye Bye?
Religious Reaction by Apple Fanboys?
More bad news for Sony PSN?
16hr Cell Phone Marathon on Train?
Twitter Changes Rules Again.
Verizon 4G LTE Growing.
Comcast Sensitive to FCC Hire Tweets.
TokBox Group Video Chat!
Social Media Infographic.
Google Search App.
Verizon iPhone 5 Dual Mode.
Data Hungy Apps making BW Impact.
Twitter providing Reporters Intel.
Little Blue Pill Hearing Loss.
Amazon Gadget Trade In.
Intel Open Mouth Insert Foot x2.
iPhone Oximeter.
Verizon Family Data Plans.
Secret Service 2x Screw Ups.
AT&T No App Restrictions.
Wired Teaches Potentially Illegal Activities.
Philly Police and Citizen Gun Holder Incident.
Amazon and State Sales Taxes.
Who owns the Tweets.
4th Amendment under attack!
Artist to get some money after all.
Apple TV Hack.
Homeless Planets.
Don’t Take Space Program Lightly.
Windows Phone 7 comes to Verizon.
Smartphone Tracking Law.
Dark Mater Hunter.
e-books King!
Warrantless Bill backed by RIAA.
One Headset!
Guitar Self Tuner.
20 iPad 2 Apps.
T-Mobile wants You.
P2P Traffic Surge.

GNC-2011-03-17 #656 The Great Experiment Continues!

Your going to love this one, I get on the Soap Box and stay there for a good bit in the show today. Fools and their wasted money is the theme. Plus I place a wager on a specific companies new initiatives failing. I also want to welcome our newest insider, thank you for supporting the show it is greatly appreciated.

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Listener Links
Lexar 128gb SDXC Memory Cards.
Adobe Flash HTML5 Converter.

Show Notes:
Burglar Blaster.
Firefox 4 Final Release date 3-22.
Firefox 4 Notes.
* Renegade
It’s not the downloads.
This Mom needs to be a Parent.
14 Months, 40 Million NYT Fools.
NYT Paywall Plans?
Open Canadian Letter to NYT!
Business Cards Dead?
RSA SecurID May Be Hacked.
Hacking your Car.
Matt Cutts – Google Luminary.
Japan Telephone/Network Lines a Wreck.
TSA now cannot do Math.
Netflix to do Original Content?
Webm Plugin for IE9.
President says Do Not Track!
BlueTooth Headset Review.
Soyuz back to Kazakhstan.
Women in Space.
Lasers Solution to Space Junk?
More Resources for Japan.
Protecting your company Image.
Time Warner iPad App.
Google Largest Torrent Search Engine.
White House thinks Streaming is Fed Crime.
Sick of Sarah 2205.
Visa goes after Paypal.
Rustock Spam Botnet Brought Down?
Hackers having fun with Electronic Sign.
Sony gets Paypal info on PS3 Case.
Best Sprinkler Yet.
Lexar 128GB SDXC Cards.
Solar Stove.
IPTV Moving Upwards.
IE9 Partners with Hulu.
Free Computer Games.
Gnome 3.0 Beta.
Video Alarm.
OSX Media Conveter.
Google Docs on a roll.
Dutch test 110 old X-Ray machine.
U-Socket Review.
Radiation from Planes and Passengers.

GNC-2010-08-02 #598 Additional Stream on Justin.TV

Yes you heard me correctly 100 Terabytes if you think that is crazy wait till we ad some more devices to the mix, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would move that much video traffic in a month. Tonight, I introduce a second stream, we are on both and Justin.TV see links below, will work the bugs out over next few shows.

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Insider / Ohana Links:
Future Fuel: Using food crop residues (as opposed to food).
Great review of an app that streams video to iPhones/iPads
Google Apps Implementation in LA.

The Geek’s Show Links:
Abuse of New Media Creators!
Kindle with Microphone?
Overpaying for iPad Data Plans!
FaceTime over 3G.
Sensors to correct blurred Images.
100 Million dollar Cyber Army.
Heat Water with Water.
Are you a woodworker?
Office 2011 for Mac Pricing.
Facebook doubles Data Center Size.
Samsung Captivate.
Where do you spend your time online?
Android Overtakes iPhone Sales!
Clearwire race to 4G
IE regains ground!
Should we Green Card the Brightest?
Time-Warner Wideband Blasted.
Ustream Turns over User Data.
Wired and the Web is Dead?
Data Collection on you and I.
Botnet has treasure trove!
RFID Sniffing.
Is the Rover Spirit Finished?
NASA cash on Hold!
NYC Subway Cell Covergae soon!
Verizon Lobbyist Expenditures.
LHC to re-write Science.
Trillian 5 Beta.
Google Maps to catch Permit Cheats!
Fridge Dock for your iPad.
Get Videos at your Local Library.
Solar Tsunami Today!
200 Billion on counterfeit Goods?
Go To Jail #1
Needs to go to Jail #2
Is your Browser HTML5 Ready?
Rock, Paper, Scissors.
No E-Book Allowed.

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GNC-2010-07-29 #597 Yes the Net is Working Here!

Close call for us in Hawaii, cut fiber do not bode well for Internet reliability but we are up and online. Lot’s of exciting things in the frying pan and boy has it been a week of firsts. The longer I work in this new media space the more my eyes are opened to the possibilities of this medium.

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Insider / Ohana Links:
E Text Book Popularity in Texas.
Webcam Lawsuits.
Holding 1-7 Keys to Net Security.
Gel Stops Tooth Decay?

The Geek’s Show Links:
Net Speed Nightmare
Preserve your Net Freedoms.
Steerable Solar Sail.
Android + Wallpaper = Powned
Space Junk Tracking.
UK Clears Google.
Comcast Billing Glitch.
More School Webcam Lawsuits.
Old Spice Sales Up!
Real Photoshop Madness of BP Images.
Pink Slips for Shuttle Workers.
Spacewalk at ISS!
Religion of Apple?
Anybots to Spy on You.
App Genome Project.
Internet Radio for your Stereo Rack.
ProMed Network on Roku.
iPhone calling home to Mama Bell.
15 Minutes now for YouTube Videos.
Monitor your Elderly Parents.
IE9 in September.
Magic Trackpad I don’t get it.
Mozilla Tab Candy.
iOS4 for iPhone Performance.
Hacking an ATM.
Kindle for $139.00
Corporations Biggest Threat to Net Neutrality.
T-Mobile tops in Customer Service.
Home Server versus Cloud.
5 great iPad Apps.
Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 11.
More Toyota Recalls.
Your Facebook data Compiled?

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Albert Gonzalez Gets 20 Years for Hacking, and Then Some

Just an update from my story of a few days ago. Hacker Albert Gonzalez got a sentence of 20 years on the first guilty plea, entered in Massachusetts, to unauthorized computer access. Two more cases (and guilty please) in New York and New Jersey will be finalized next week in Boston, when additional sentences will be pronounced.

It’s probably not enough, but it sends a really strong message, that’s for sure. Keep your hands of what isn’t yours.

What Punishment for Hacker Albert Gonzalez?

Albert Gonzalez, a former government informant charged last year with hacking into credit card systems of nearly a dozen major retailers, along with the U.S.’s largest credit/debit card processing firm, is set to be sentenced for pleading guilty to the hack. His lawyers say he should get no more than 15 years, the government wants 25.

I want to see more than just a prison sentence, personally, because my credit/debit information was among the 200 million that were stolen by Gonzalez as he hacked. Proceeds from his hacking include cars, jewelry, houses, in addition to a luxury lifestyle that included trips, designer clothing, and stays at fancy hotels. All on my dime (and the dimes of others that were ripped off). While that money didn’t come directly from my bank account, I (and everyone else who shops) is paying for this as prices increase to cover the losses these companies suffered in the hack. And not only did he make money, he was also a repeat offender. He had been caught hacking in 2003 and turned government informer in order to avoid prosecution and jail time, then continued his hacking activities while providing information to the government about other hackers’ activities!

No, a term in jail is not enough. Gonzalez should be banned from computers for life. Even after he’s served his time, he will re-offend, I’m sure of that. There aren’t enough firewalls and security in place to keep this guy out of servers if he can get access to a computer. This was more than him just trying out a “proof of concept” about hacking. He stole all of that information and used it for personal gain, and even tried to sell portions of his accumulated information overseas as well. There is not enough in a jail sentence, in my mind. What this guy did, and what he taught others, makes all of us more vulnerable to theft in the future. And there’s not a lot we can do about it; this is not a cash-based society any more. I use my debit card hundreds of times a month. I rarely write checks, and rarely use cash for anything other than small purchases (like my morning Diet Coke from the gas station on the way to work). If people like Mr. Gonzalez can continue to gain footholds in gaining our plastic information, and not face any long-term consequences, then we all continue to be at risk.

And while we should expect that retailers and credit/debit card processors will continue to exercise due-diligence in keeping our information safe, we cannot call that any kind of guarantee. We just have to continue to be diligent. And make punishment for hacking a harsh and irrevocable measure that will make hacking a lot less enticing to criminals in the first place.

What punishment do you think Mr. Gonzalez should get?

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb: ATM owners who use the default password for administering their ATM’s, allowing hackers to get into the machines easily by locating the default password online from vendor sites.

Dumber: ATM owners who don’t change the default password after the machine is hacked and used to give out more money than it was supposed to.

A pair of crooks got caught using the default password on an ATM for the fourth time. They weren’t caught the first three times, but by the fourth time, the police had information from surveillance cameras and had alerted the store manager (where the ATM was located) to the identity of the thieves. So when they tried it for the fourth time, they got caught.

I’m wondering why the ATM owner didn’t just change the default password on the administrative functions of the ATM so it couldn’t be hacked a second time. That would have been the smarter thing to do, wouldn’t you think?

Who’s dumber, the criminal or the ATM owner? I’m thinking it’s the latter.

GNC-2009-02-27 #455 On my way to Japan

On my way to Japan tomorrow morning, but dealing with a very sore back after a major fall here at home. Slightly worried about my connectivity in Japan but will keep you all advised if it looks like I will have to delay a show. Congratulations to Dale on winning PogoPlug.

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Listener Links:
OLED not Selling
US Broadband

Show Notes:
Windows 7 will play .Mov Files
Old School NASA Saturn Picture
Twitter Alternatives
Digg to Battle Stumbleupon
1.5 Million Footprint Found
Google Apps Status Page
CC Zero
Quebecor Sells Out on Three Strikes
Border Search of Encrypted media must give up Data
Earth Eclipse as Seen from Moon
Windows 7 Are they Listening
MIT Invention Powers Bicycles
Do you have a Broken Mac Air Hinge
I Love this Monitor Setup!
17 inch Macbook Pro Review
Pirate Bay Day 9
Lenses Informational
Why the Labels are Crying Wolf
Panther and CDN Networks Merge
Powerbook Battery Explodes
RIP Rocky Mountain News
Say Hello to Google Twitter
Facebook Photos a iPhone Contact List
iPhone Japan poor sales
MRO trouble
Discovery March 12th Launch
Blubrry Sponsors Wordcamp Denver
Fairness Doctrine first Nail in Coffin
How to Sync two Windows Home Servers
FAA hack
36 Changes to Windows 7
CBS gets Pass by Apple to Stream TV via 3G – Podcasting Denied
Asus Eee PC 1000HE

Hyper-Threading Vulnerability

Hyper-Threading technology, built into some Intel Pentium 4 central processing unit (CPU) microprocessors can be exploited by crackers and allow access to security keys. A description of the timing attack was presented Friday by a Colin Percival, a computer science researcher, at the BSDCan 2005 conference. Intel’s Hyper-Threading (HT) algorithm enables Pentium CPUs to maximize the efficiency of the processing system. According to Intel’s website, with HT technology “desktop users can experience greater system responsiveness and performance when multitasking. At home, users can encode audio and video at the same time, or run a virus scan in the background while continuing to play their favorite game. In the office, HT Technology enables IT managers to deploy PC services such as encryption, compression or backup technologies while minimizing the impact on PC user productivity. In addition, multitasking business workers can experience greater system responsiveness, enabling increased productivity. In summary, the Pentium 4 processor supporting HT Technology delivers a new level of performance and PC responsiveness for consumers and business professionals.”

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Malware Attempts To Delete Microsoft AntiSpyware Program

It was only a month ago that Microsoft Corp. announced its free antispyware application; however, malware has already been detected by an antivirus company, Sophos PLC, that will disable Microsoft’s program and delete all files in the program’s installation directory.

[Read more…]